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Mugen Character Wishlists

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How many have made mugen wishlists before? Who knows, For some fun - Feel free to add yours below, Heres mine anyway ~

: )



1 Voldemort



2 Any one of the characters from Batman Returns Snes. That goes especially for catwoman - A GOOD even 18+ version of that character for once. The existing versions arent any good.



3 Karas from 'Karas' the anime



4 Mad Max



5 Masane Amaha - Witchlade anime series



6 A redone combined or simply tuned up version of aya brea and her liberation-forms. These were started and designed to a degree but never rose to anything much more. Oh and maya-eve. Hell yeah.



7 Gex from his other two games - His only one i know of is from game #1 and its as bland as he is in there



8 Symbiote Green goblin/ hobgoblin - But not just the raawr-rawr! mass-productions that were used for most mugen symbiote varients. One of these that looks like a real crazy symbiote version of himself, That fights like a stretchy gooey symbiote



9 (Not a character) At least one, Current-gen platformer redone like its original origins: Either Batman returns Snes, Castlevania (whichever) Or maximum carnage. Whichever character we want to use, Even. ;jj

Not just some blurry half-working prototype made in winmugen.



10 Lastly - TESAI from ninja scroll!



And thats my personal list. I believe that if someone ever creates something.. It should be something that blows people away, Adding up to that anyway.




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