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The Toughest Mugen Fighter you encountered.


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24 minutes ago, Ryoku_Glace0n said:

So if your new to M.U.G.E.N, And You decided to download some chars.... But you noticed something, Each character has nice special moves, attacks and etc.... But. The Real question is Who is the toughest character or boss fighter you had to beat in M.U.G.E.N.

I think Yujiro Hanma or Dark Donald seem to be powerful since they are good fighters.

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The Toughest Cheapie Char i've ever seen is Mathrus as i've saw from few images of that Hidden Malicious Character.... Actually since i think Dragon-Method chars doesn't count i would think that S-Sakuya is the toughest char i have ever seen from ohikato as She beated Ancient Donald, Crazy Catastrophe and even Chuck Norris (unhitteable)... Those Japanese and South Korean creators are high as heck.


The Toughest Chars i've seen are Mast-Chen's A-Shi (Both Normal and NSFW ones) and Gaelik's Nanarman which they almost Dodge/Parry each attack.

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