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Megaman Zero/ZX Collection


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Megaman Zero/ZX Collection

An old debt I got to all of you, not made before simply because I didn't play these game series yet, so my MM knowledge on these series is minimal. But at least I can make something by making this new collection, so everyone are welcome to correct what I put here, as well if there're more chars made than I found here. My base is the Guild Database and the old MFFA thread about whole MM series, as well some finds i got recently. I hope you like this collection, here I'm going like a blind guy, so depends of you to guide me, ok?? =P

Red is offline, Blue is edited/modified, Green is AI only and Yellow is WIP

PS: As my other MM collections, Calamix chars won't be included unless you got the link for them (if you see a char of him in red here is because it's on MA)


Megaman Zero series (Z1-4)

mmz_zero.gifSprite de la Copia de X MMZ, MMZ3mmz_copy-x.gifmmz_harpuia.gifLeviathan spritemmz_phantom.gifFefnir sprite

Zero: Kuroneko / Jojo Fu / Diego Sanches / Cesar / Bluecross (Ultimate Zero)Goku262002Akito1701 (Awakened Zero) / RedLine / Sumin2393MYTHOS / Mike

Omega Zero: N-Mario (Shadow)- Goku262002DuckSS/Synck / Akito1701MYTHOS

Copy X: Jojo Fu - Kuroneko (Mk.II) / Bluecross - Akito1701 / Aru

Sage Harupia: Jojo Fu / Cesar / Gon172004

Fairy Leviathan: Alex D. X4The_Virus_X

Hidden Phantom: Jojo Fu

Fighting Fefnir: Evil Dude / Gon172004


Z1 golem spriteAztec_falcon.gifAnubis%20Necromancis.gifGaneshariff spriteHanumachineAsura basura spriteRainbow devil sprite

Golem: Cesarsombra / Model OCX (Golem E)

Aztec Falcon: Cesar

Anubis Necromancess III: Cesar

Maha Ganeshariff: Dark Ruler / Cesarsombra

Hanumachine: Cesarsombra

Asura Basura: Cesarsombra

Rainbow Devil: Cesarsombra

Missing/To be added: Giga Aspis, Rayfly, Blizzack Staggroff, Herculious Anchortus


Mega Scorpiammz_panter.gifHylegOurobocklePolerKamrousAnchus spriteElpizo.gif

Mega Scorpia: Dark Ruler

Panter Flauclaws: Snowwolf

Hyleg Ourobockle: Cesar

Poler Kamrous: Omega32able

Kuwagust Anchus: Calamix

Elpizo: Jojo Fu / Cesar / Aru

Missing/To be added: Burble Hekelot



Deathtanz Mantisk: Snowwolf

Childre Inarabitta: Jojo Fu / N-Mario (Omega Inaribatta)

Blazin' Flizard: Calamix

Hellbat Schilt: Snowwolf

Tretista Kelverian: Snowwolf

Cubit Foxtar: Cesarsombra

Volteel Biblio: UHMEEEEBA

Missing/To be added: Glacier Le Cactank


Picturemmz_fenri.gifmmz_heat.gifmmz_magnus.gifmmz_ekrail.gifCokapetri sprite2Sol Titanion spritemmz_kraken.gifmmz_craft.gifWeil0

Spy Larue E: Dark Ruler

Fenri Luneage: Snowwolf

Heat Genblem: Snowwolf

Mino Magnus: Jojo Fu

Pegasolta Eklair: Barubaru

Popla Cocapetri: Cesarsombra

Sol Titanion: Cesarsombra

Tech Kraken: Omega32able

Craft: Jojo Fu

Dr. Weil: Aru

Missing/To be added: Noble Mandrago


Megaman ZX series (ZX/ZX Advent)

mzx_vent.gifmzx_aile.gifmzx_grey.gifZXA Ashe spriteModelA8

Vent: N-Mario - Goku262002

Aile: N-Mario - Goku262002

Grey: Cesar

Ashe: Bankaicesar

NES Grey/Ashe (ZXA mini-game): The_Virus_X (ZX Antique)


mzx_model_z.gifmzx_model_x.gifmzx_model_zx.gifmzx_model_ox.gifModel HX Sprite

Model Z: Jojo Fu / Omega32able / Bigshowofall / Bluecross

Model X: Bluecross

Model ZX: BluecrossCesar

Model OX: Bluecross

Model HX: Groundindub

Missing/To be added: Model FX, Model LX, Model PX, Model W


Model A

Model A: The_Virus_X / Omega32able

Missing/To be added: Model F, Model H, Model L, Model P


Giro megamerge spritemzx_prometheus.gifMmzxpandoraspriteMmzxserpentspriteOmega 1 sprite

Girouette: Bluecross (Model Z Corrupted)

Prometeus: Jojo Fu / Cesar

Pandora: Cesar

Serpent: Jojo Fu

Omega: Cesar / Pre-toMYTHOS


Hivolt spritemzx_fistleo.gifmzx_purprill.gifmzx_hurricaune_anim.gifmzx_protectos.gif

Hivolt the Raptoroid: Omega32able

Fistleo the Predatoroid: Bigshowofall

Purprill the Mandroid: Jojo Fu

Hurricaune the Wolveroid: Cesar

Protectos the Goreroid: Snowwolf

Missing/To be added: Lurerre the Abysroid, Leganchor the Gelroid, Flammole the Moleroid



Siarnaq: Bigshowofall - Smash Hype!

Missing/To be added: Aeolus, Atlas, Thetis, Master Albert


mzx_chronoforce.gifVulturon spritemzx_bifrost.gif

Chronoforce the Xiphosuroid: Omega32able

Vulturon the Condoroid: Gacel

Bifrost the Crocoroid: Dark Ruler

Missing/To be added: Buckfire the Gaxelleroid, Rospark the Floroid, Argoyle and Ugoyle the Shisaroids, Queenbee the Hymenopteroid, Hedgeshock the Erinaceroid


Edited characters


Model Customs

Model SD (Shadow Devil): The_Virus_X

Model MD (Magma Dragoon): Omega32able / SovietCommando & Calamix

Model M (Megaman): Lightning Count X

Model VZ: Vega.exe (needs image)

Model Q (Quickman): SovietCommando & Calamix

Model MGM (Magnetman): Eloco



Model Customs by Bigshowofall

Model R (Rockman) - Model MM (Magnetman) - Model AK (Akuma) - Model SM (Shadowman) - Model D (Duo) - Model FS (Flame Stag) - Model VX (Vile)

* = needs image



Model Customs by Groundindub

Model O (Omega) - Model SX (Shadow X) - Model C (Colonel) - Model G (Gate)



Custom ZX characters by Cesar

Model O: Pharos - Erebus - Model OZ: Girouette - Model O: Exechiel



Adapted (not-Model) characters

X (MMX): Cesar / Omega32able (Command Mission)

Axl (MMX): Cesar / S666

Spider (MMX Command Mission): Cesar

Riku (Kingdom Hearts): Model OCX

Solar Boy Django (Boktai 2): Model OCX

Geemel (MMXtreme): The_Virus_X



Other edited characters

Erebus (based on Cesar's): S666

Zero (MMXtreme style): BigshowofallOmega32able

Dark Police Zero: sunishell, Deathtiny & GMG


Other MUGEN Stuff

Stages: N-Mario (ZX) / Enscripture / Jojo Fu (MMZ) / Bluecross (MMZ)

Lifebars: Bluecross (MMZ)

Fullgames: MadMike (MMZ Battle Royale)

Missing/To be added: Screenpacks, Intros & Endings



Sprites: Sprites INC. (Zero - ZX)

Sprites from The Spriters Resource: MMZ1 - MMZ2 - MMZ3 - MMZ4 - MMZX - MMZXA - Customs

Sprites and sounds from Sprite Database: MMZ1 - MMZ2 - MMZ3 - MMZ4 - MMZX - MMZXA

Sounds: Enscripture / Goku262002 (MMZ) / KTML5 (MMZX)


Other Megaman Collections on MFFA

Megaman Classic Collection by Basara-kun

Megaman X Collection by Basara-kun

Megaman Arcade (Power Battle/Fighters) collection by Miru

MVC Recreated Fighters in Marvel vs. Capcom Guest Fighters collection by Gui007


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Well, it's good to see the old Megaman collection has the MediaFire links working, unbelieveble XD OK, these are the updates:

  • Thanks to what I said above, most of the red names now are working links in MMZ section
  • Found some obscure chars by N-Mario (Omega Inaribatta and Shadow Omega Zero)
  • Added ZX section, still working on ZX Advent yet...
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OK, now this seems less as a WIP and a few more complete :D

  • Added the ZX section finally... wow, there isn't much made actually
  • Starting to add the Other MUGEN stuff and Resources sections, I've to add the Sprite Database and The Spriters Resource links next time for the latter
  • As noticed in MMX collection, Snowwolf is alive and online, so replaced all the links for his OneDrive folder
  • The Edited Section will be made tomorrow, there're enough to be more than the entire ZX collection, but almost none of them have images. I'll see that BTW
  • EDIT: I added a few I found before I forget them tomorrow, sorry XD
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OK, updated the first post with A LOT of stuff:

  • Added a lot of Edited chars, now the Edited section is more complete
  • Added chars by Akito1701 and S666
  • Added these chars: Zero by Sumin2393, Serpent by Jojo Fu
  • Added MMZ lifebars by Bluecross (probably available in the fullgame compilation)
  • A great discover: added MMZ sounds by Goku262002 (I don't have idea Esnips is available in Wayback Machine with their downloads working, awesome!!)

I summon @fxfreitas to help me in this collection =D

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You're welcome n_n


OK, more updates so now this isn't a WIP anymore:

  • I forgot to say it in the morning, but now all the resources (mostly from TSR and SD) were added to the thread
  • Found a HUGE character pack where I'm going to reupload char by char to get most of the offline stuff online again, you can see them below
  • Most of Bluecross chars are online again (still left Ultimate Zero and Girouette)
  • Added some lost chars: ZX Antique by The_Virus_X, Ashe by Bankaicesar, Model HX by Groundindub
  • Finally found MadMike's MMZ/ZX compilation game, reuploaded and online (has most of the chars in this collection, I assume)


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Thanks, he was added with his works (also added his Omega). And I made this too:

  • Added A LOT of content (mostly the Model Customs) in Edited section (still left a lot to add, this is not the end...)
  • Added links for Siarnaq by Bigshowofall and Model A by Omega32able
  • Added Zero by Mike
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  • 2 months later...

Since my characters are red named and the only place online is in the *blacklistedsite*.

I upload to mediafire ^^ (plus Sora since there is a Riku in the list)


spacer.png ---- X Command Mission: http://www.mediafire.com/file/01wv3ghvco3aa0r/%28S666%29_X_Command_Mission_V1.rar/file

YG5duvB.gif   ---- Axl: http://www.mediafire.com/file/m4abayab835ap3b/%28S666%29_Axl_V1.rar/file

r0Ykya6.gif---- Erebus: http://www.mediafire.com/file/7co4a3fzzcen00v/%28S666%29_Erebus_V1.rar/file

i78GYkh.png ---- Sora: http://www.mediafire.com/file/xdti612qzt7g73z/%28S666%29_Sora.rar/file


Its all little garbage in my opinion XD

Anyway, soon Im going to send more 3 there are not (completely) garbage ^^

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xGgV9Xd.gif ---- Shadow Armor: http://www.mediafire.com/file/yui0g8d8ycgz5cx/%28S666%29_X_Shadow_Armor.rar/file

URAnqVE.gif ----- Colonel: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ce2w998tjzah6q0/%28S666%29_Colonel.rar/file

IVyKUEc.gif---- Gate: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ekrelcquxhvgcp4/%28S666%29_Gate.rar/file


With these 3 I tried to be a little most close to the ZX series.

In comparasion with N64Mario characters they are nothing haha but still, is most close than the others I share 😉

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3 hours ago, Basara-kun said:

Ooohh, are you S666?? (I assume for the download files on MF)

If you are, tell me if you want to keep that nick or I rename you on the links as Somm, as you want

Its me ^^ but you can let the author as S666 😉

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  • 3 weeks later...

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