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Cubeman Updated 1/7/2021

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UPDATE 8/4/2020
I changed out a couple of issues within the character that I found needed to be address and hopefully provide a better gameplay experience. Please redownload if you can.
-Dashing Medium no longer lets the opponent recover after being knocked down.
-Headbutt is slightly faster to allow for comobing off of it to be easier.
-Hell's Hexahedron's has more invulnerability during start up.
-Small palette issue on certain frames of Cubeman's moves has been addressed.

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Thank you so much for the localized info of what he does in the series. One of the best original movesets for a minor character I've seen, I was imagining all this time he was a huge quirky villain.

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UPDATE 8/10/2020
I was planning on doing this update a bit later with my 2nd kinnikuman character release but the palette issue was too big of an oversight to not take care of right away.
-Altered width distance for Puzzle Buster so it looks better near screen edges.
-Irish Whip's immunity time has been extended slightly so you cant whip repeadly as much.
-Dashing Medium hittimes have been altered to match the rest of his medium attack hittimes.
-Cornerpush has been added to his arial attacks.
-Taunting gives you a small bit of power.
-Winquotes added.
-Fixed Palettes not being properlly aligned
-Compatability with Prisman's Torturebomb
-Compatability with Kaz's XMEN lose pose.
-Compatability with NS's Sawada lose pose.

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UPDATE 9/5/2020
-Surfing grab now has unique positions for victims with the compatible sprites.
-Compatibility with Felicia's headscartch attack
-Hell's Hexahedron sprprioty reduced so it doesnt obscure fights in tag mode
-Air hittimes in Medium attacks have all been modified
-Jump sound has been corrected

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Howdy there Folks just releasing a well needed update for Cubeman.

-Hell's Hexhadron damaged greatly
-All default grabs now operate closer to their orginal source
-Cubeman now makes a fall sound when knocked down
-Dashing Medium now wallsplats
-Poweradd for most moves altered around to be more fair for Cubeman

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