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Sakura (CvS2 Reimagining)

Sakura is a young, hard working and energetic high school girl who enjoys delving into the world of street fighting. She first got interested in street fighting when she watched the first World Warrior Tournament (Street Fighter 1) at a young age, and was particularly interested in watching one red haired karateka from Japan named Ryu. After watching him defeat Sagat, and not being concerned about the fact that Ryu almost killed Sagat, she treated him as a childhood hero. She would find Ryu, and defeat him, though Ryu most likely held back. Sakura asked if Ryu could train her, but Ryu declined, saying he still has a lot to learn about himself. He did let Sakura take a picture with him to make up for it though. Ever since then, she's constantly trained, making friends and sparking rivalries along the way.


Sakura's move-set is similar to the average shoto. Her moves do not differ much from her appearance in CvS2, and retains the same BnB (Bread and Butter) combos, however with her EX moves, she can extend these combos and they can do a lot more damage, with EX Shouoken and EX Shunpuukyaku being methods to get a guaranteed Custom Combo BnB, however it does less damage than if the Custom Combo was done stand alone. Sakura also has her Dark Sakura mode from Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter, which overall doesn't alter too much. She gains the Sakura Senkuu, aka the Demon Warp, and also has the Raging Demon, which replaces her level 3 Tag Team super. She also loses the level 2 Double Shinkuu Hadouken super, but in return has more powerful attacks and has the EX Shouoken as a normal special, albeit slightly nerfed since it's not an EX move.
Her AI isn't nearly as dangerous as more powerful characters like Dictator, but she is still quite a challenge to defeat.





i hope you enjoy my work.


M.U.G.E.N 1.0/1.1



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