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New Screen Pack for All the Jump Ultimate Star's Mugen Fans

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2 hours ago, OroCrimson said:

That's pretty cool actually and I'm not even a JUS fan.

you be very surprises that they are over 400 MUGEN fans make fans YouTube video nothing but Mugen JUS Characters, not only that but there are over 20 Mugen Creators that takes time making and Creating and also Sprite drawing JUST types Characters from Many Category LIKE DC Comic, Capcom, SNK, Marvel and more. JUS type mugen character Grew over time and become the spot light to the Mugen Community and also YouTube Mugen Community with Live video an streaming, I figure they needed a Stander Screen pack for that reason. 

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Yeah I was super into them as a kid, made a lot of JUS-sized builds. I got into MUGEN around the same time I started getting into anime so it was pretty great.


These days though I'm not into them as much. But I should try a JUS fullgame at some point. It'd be cool if someone makes one using this pack!

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