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I beg to differ there my friend. Your Alucard certainly isn't ready, not by a long shot. Hoh boy, where to begin...

- Again,  using one of KONG's MVC2 characters as a base is not the best choice, as none of his characters behave nor play exactly like the original game and system. You obviously didn't take my advice the last time I gave you feedback.


- CFJ hitsounds? Not that it's a big deal, but they just don't blend well for me.

- Infinites. There's so many infinites Alucard can pull off quickly and easily with just any normal attack, even on air.

- I see no sight of Alucard having any damage scaling.

- Air MP has no block sound.


- Again, what makes you believe that MVC2 has OHKOs? Especially on a Lv. 1 hyper? Have you not studied how the original system functions?


- Nice blockstun for Alucard's PP move. Not only that, it also has an infinite.

- Any explanation why the hitboxes on Alucard's gun are so massive?


- (DF, P (any)) has no air recovery, therefore, another quick and easy infinite. Same goes with (DB, B (any)) and DB, K (any))


- (DF2X, MP) does way too much damage, even chip damage, but then again, no damage scaling. Also, look at that full screen!

- Now for the #1 question of the day. If Alucard is truly Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 styled, exactly why are the commands for his hypers Alpha styled?


Sorry Alucard, but it's back to the drawing board of hell for you.

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