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Ultimate King K. Rool Release

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Hello everyone, it's been a pleasure to say that this character has taken a long journey to be released and he finally is.

This version is an edit of J. Newman's Krool but with new sprites, animations, sounds, normals, specials, supers... it's basically a rework.






Special Inputs


Crown Throw - qcf + x,y,z

Blunderbuss - qcf + a,b,c

Gut Charge - back30 -> forward + x,y,z

Gut Check - qcb + a,b,c (all versions are the same)

Propeller Pack - down -> up + a,b,c


Super inputs


Stomp Cannon - x + a

Blunder Barrage - y + b

Floor Magnet - z + c

Blast-O-Matic - x + z






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