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Welcome everybody, it's been a while since I've made anything, but I think it's time to rectify this:


Introducing Clone Koa by jade_midori, one of the few characters from back then that I would say put me in the right direction, I thought I would change one or two or maybe a billion few aspects of her that were bugging me for a long while, so here you go.


For those who are not aware, Clone Koa is an experiment from way back in the day on trying to make a Clayfighter 63 1/3 esque character, however I wasn't able to get myself to get super bad on purpose that hard (trust me, you REALLY have to make it super jank in order to be true to that game), eventually the focus really shifted and only kept the sounds Clayfighter, everything else evolved into a mishmash of DKC content and just some wacky silly moves from time to time off of the original Koakuma by SoM, as of recent, she's acquired cues from the King of Fighters series, while still keeping old aspects that were true to the character such as Chain Combos, limited juggling, parrying, fatalities, Normal -> Special -> Super chaining, etc. It sounds super silly, but it's really mellow in the grand scheme of things.


Some of the changes (off of the readme):



    Life changed back to 1000
    Maximum meter has been changed to 5000
    Redone all important CLSNs
    Normals have been sped up considerably, with different frame data to match.
    All grounded attacks are now AIR UNBLOCKABLE.
    Air normals all have the same pushback and hitstun, their use and hitboxing is what changes
    Normals will reset falling opponents, you can still apply the old behavior of chaining on an aerial opponent, but they will be invulnerable once their hitstun
        is over.
    Using custom cornerpush
    Crossups will drag towards Clone Koa instead of away, replicating the way SNK games do once again.
    Regular Grabs can be tech hit out of.
    Grabs and Command Grabs have a limiter applied to them, they should no longer affect jumping frames.
    Damage Dampening has been rebuilt.
    Removed several terrible sprite edits and effects that go unused are removed. (ongoing)
    Clone Koa has a zero or alpha counter now.
    QCB + P works fairly differently now, aside from being slightly sped up:
        -> QCB + WP: Has massive frame advantage on hit the first time it's done in a combo, allowing you to link almost anything except itself,
            deals small damage.
        -> QCB + FP: Second hit will initiate a juggle.
        -> QCB + BP: Works as the old one, allowing to finish grounded combos easily with good damage, has projectile invuln from the first active frame till
            the last slash.
    DP + K:
        -> Damage is higher across all versions
        -> Explicitly Grounded frames exist now, the aerial frames are air blockable, with reduced damage.
        -> WK version is fully invincible, least damaging, FK is medium and high invincible with middle damage, BK has no invincibility but highly damaging.
    QCF + P has suffered a number of changes:
        -> Sped up Clone Koa's throwing animation, slowed down the recovery.
        -> Added idle frames to the endlag.
        -> Only prize versions will show up now, that is Chests and Barrels.
        -> Barrels have a 25% chance to spawn, they will continue to roll in the ground if they touch it.
        -> Projectiles will NEVER have a blocking restriction, as a result, rolling barrels are now blockable in any stance.
        -> Prizes will always magnetize to Clone Koa
    QCB + K has been replaced by "Donkey Kong Squad", as she no longer has use for a leaping move since she has projectile invuln on QCB + BP.
    Charge B, F + P:
        -> Strictly a combo move.
        -> High and Med Invuln up to the recovery.
        -> There's no wall bounce after it anymore.
        -> Really quick startup, p2 recovery on block gets worse the stronger the move is, at expense of extra distance and damage.
    Starts with 5 extra life balloons, repurposed the way they work.
        -> Donkey Kong Squad will take one extra life balloon away as they are summoned
        -> Live-a-Live costs 3 of them.
    Extra life balloons did not have a minimum cap, the minimum cap is now 0
    Projectiles can be super cancelled now.
    Clone Koa's juggling rules have been completely been redone. (Adding this now)
    Added Clone Koa's own MAX mode and Quick MAX activations, heavily based on KOF2002 rules.
    QCB x 2 + K ("Triple Aura") has been replaced by B, HCB, F + P ("Dance by the Moonlight")
    NEW INSANE COMBO, replaces the old one. command has been changed to HCB, F, K (From D, D, any attack, rules revised)


There's quite more and honestly you should find out on your own! Note, these changes have been accumulative and I've been really bad at keeping track, Charge B, F + P for example has projectile invuln for M and H and L has full invuln till the recovery, and QCB P has no projectile invuln of any kind anymore.


Some screenshots, though they don't quite match the product, they were kinda hard to get:





Note: There's no AI I'm too lasssssssssy, be sure to read the "Provisional Readme" to get the most out of this char.


DOWNLOAD: Click here


I will still continue to update this in the close vicinity, so input would be appreciated.

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