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RoboCable (RoboCop Prime Directives), Automat (RoboCop 2) & The Mobile Cop Jiban

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.   In times of pandemic and face shield masks, I bring you Kidou Keiji Jiban to answer the old question: "how would the fight between RoboCop and Jiban be?" ... Hope you guys like it!
mugen248.jpgmugen251.jpgYOUTUBE demo video
.   To try to make up for the delay, I am also launching the ROBOCABLE of the mini-series "RoboCop - Prime Directives"
.   And the beta version of (R2 Prototype B) AUTOMAT, a parody of the cartoons and other politically correct versions of RoboCop.
.   Download the characters at: http://ryouwin.smeenet.org (FIGHTERS section).

.   High, at left, there is a link named "FIGHTERS".
.   Click at the link named "FIGHTERS"... a page with Mugen characters will appear.
.   Click at the magic picture of the character that you want.
.   A download will occur.
.   Install these characters at your Mugen.
.   Try them on ARCADE mode.
.   Be happy.

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