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 A few years ago, I remember mentioning that I wanted to share concepts on my original setting including the characters and world that centers around them, but never did because MUGEN had me busy. However, seeing as I have a lot of spare time on my hand as well as slowing down on MUGEN content creation, I thought this would be a good time to start now. Most of the stuff are currently undergoing rather heavy revisions since some ideas are outdated or new ideas have popped up into my head over time. The main inspirations for these things generally come from a lot of things I like (naturally), although fictions like the Touhou Project and Doctor Who are probably by far the largest influences. The main focus that I want the plot to revolve around are the youkai and demigods who sit at the Pinnacle of Creation, reality at its peak that is immeasurably below the transcendent void of the gods above the Totality of All Creation, but immeasurably above the realm of humans which will range from slice of life situations to give a perspective of their character to Marvel/DC comic-like major crisis situations for pushing them to their limits.


 With that said, I'll be posting all that stuff below and properly categorized for easier search.


Character Profiles:




Aya Himura

Higanbana Kogitsune





Hieda no Are




Baozhai Tianshi


Xiaohui Yu




Omega Engine


Character Art:



Notable Locations:


Under Revision


Science and Cosmology:




Story Ideas:


Under Revision

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