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Is MUGEN dead ?

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Sometimes I think MUGEN is dead.

I mean, it's the same old engine, with nothing new to offer.

Why are there still so many communities all around the net ?

Can we call it a form of fanatism ?

Is it a mania ?

I mean, there are even a lot of users who played MUGEN without making anything in years!

Aren't such people just accumulating chars ? Are they just fallen into a psychological trap, set by Elecbyte to give a reason to a reasonless life ? An obsessive hobby which creates monsters ? Or do they still dream one day a big software house will tell them " OH WE SAW WHAT YOU DID WITH YOUR KING OF FIGHTERS RE-MIX RE-EDIT SUPER-SHIN CROSSOVER 2020! WE'RE HIRING YOU IN OUR VIDEOGAME ZAIBATSU desudesudesu" lol, what a dream. wake up already


I miss the days when I was more creative, more active.

Nowadays I see no  point in making MUGEN stuff and I wonder how the older ones are still making anything instead of, you know, concentrating on real life priorities.


I mean, man, you must be some sort of screwed up fanatic if you like doing the same old thing for over two decades. Snap out of it, lol! All you get is nothing but unsatisfiable maniac players who just want to add characters to their roster without even playing with them. It's a compulsion and you're feeding it, lol! I mean, "Creator" ? Much more like " Nurse " . lol


I don't know if I have to admire such people, or just pity their mental state of obsession.

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