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Son Gohan (Teen) by 280gou; Goku and Future Gohan updated (06/21/2020)

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280gou's Nicovideo Showcase


280gou did it again! For now is working only on Winmugen. Also Goku and Future Gohan got updated. https://ux.getuploader.com/JOSUKEMUGEN/
Little off-topic: Right after this release, 280gou blocked Twitter account. Also few people around said to me that 280gou is thinking on quit MUGEN after finish Gohan. Sadly i don't know more details about that.

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ʕु-̫͡-ʔु”-- Wow! Every Time 280gou Comes Out With A DBZ Fighter It's By Far... One Of The Best DBZ Characters To See In MUGEN! 280gou Creations And His Dedication To His Craft Is At Another Level! I Can Only Imagine The Amount Of Sprite Work Editing, Coding, And Animation In His Characters! I Tip My Hat To You 280gou And Your Wonderful Creations That You Give Us In MUGEN! 10/10! Awesome Upload, Gui0007! (o^.^)-b

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280gou has more of a problem with western mugen users than Vin specifically

First, he got mad when he found out there was an edit of his Goku with no permission uploaded to a western site

I can't remember if he asked westerners to stop but he went on to say his future characters will be password protected on a new storage account

Fast forward to now, he made a new Gohan character after a lot of work and locked it so only Japanese users could access it but it got leaked anyways so as a result, all his accounts are private and now he's thinking about quitting.

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