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This character is compatible with MUGEN 1.0 and 1.1.

Here is Wario.

= BIO =
Wario is the large, obese, muscular, greedy arch-rival of Mario. Wario's name even plays on the word "Warui" meaning "Bad" in Japanese. His first appearance would be in Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins as the main antagonist of the game. For the first time, Mario's objective is to retrieve something of his own posession, and not for the benefit of someone else, like Peach or Daisy. Wario steals Mario's castle in the country of Mario Land (yes, mario owns a country) while Mario was saving Daisy in Sarasaland, and Mario had to get it back by defeating Wario once more. A ton of people (including Nintendo) loved the idea of an anti mario (that wasn't bowser), so they elaborated more on Wario's backstory, saying that he was bullied by Mario during childhood, with one example being Wario and Mario playing as sheriff and robber. Wario ended up being the robber 1,255 times, and was only the sheriff once, and when he did get that chance, Mario made fun of him every chance he got. You can probably tell how much of a mental scar that would have caused, although his obsession for money had been there since Wario was an infant, as he used a giant magnet to trap riches in Yoshi's Island DS, a game pre-dating even Mario Bros. from 1983.  He even fought with Baby Bowser over a giant tub of gold during the ending of the game. Eventually, he got his own spin-off series in Wario Land and WarioWare, which turned Wario from another villain riding the Mario hate train, to an anti-hero who only does good deeds if it is for his own benefit, without caring if it benefits for anyone else besides him, which definitely added more depth and character to what was previously a monotonous bizarro clone. At least Nintendo treats him like an actual character in the Mario universe, and get's a spot in pretty much every game Mario has been in (aside from the main-line mario series), which is unfortunately not true for his partner in purple ;(


This Wario plays nothing like other versions of M.U.G.E.N Wario. He has a CvS2 game play style, with a more refined combo system, particularly with Wall Bounces, which now has a whole new combo system added to it. Wario's moves are kept the same from the original Warner version, so he has the Fire Shot, Super Spring, Hyper Punch, and Shoulder Tackle. I decided to add little nuances in these moves, such as the fact that you can cancel Light Shoulder Tackle into Medium Shoulder Tackle into Heavy Shoulder Tackle into EX Shoulder Tackle. It makes the combos look so much better. While this Wario uses Warner's sprites, you can see I have made some edits to them, particularly with his clothing and his face. I changed the eyes to a black circle with a white dot in the center like he normally does, instead of the small black pixel Warner uses. I'm not saying it's bad, it's just that I think it looks somewhat better on Wario. A new mechanic Wario has is the Super Fart. This move works exactly like his Down B in Super Smash Brothers. If he hits his opponent or gets hit by the opponent, his fart meter slowly charges up. You can perform the super fart at any time, but the fart meter you've built up to that point determines the strength of your super fart, with the maximum super fart dealing 50% damage. His AI has been completely refurbished. It is much more advanced and bugs with the previous old AI is removed. Needless to say, I hope that this is the best MUGEN Wario out there. The POTS Hit sparks and Hit sounds are present by default, but you can change that via the configuration file.





That is about it. I hope you enjoy this character.

Who do you want to see next?


M.U.G.E.N 1.0/1.1






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I'm gonna go ahead and gather what's been said on the Discord since release count this all as feedback.

  • Hitboxes could use some work.


  • Basic punching combos and Fire Throw can lead to infinites
  • This move is supposed to hit, but fails to



  • This is supposed to go behind the enemy, but this isn't great in corners.





  • Apparently one of Wario's moves can make characters disappear, might be a slight error


  • Another broken move


  • Something in the Fart Meter's coding is making this character not run right in 1.0. (Top screenshot is Watcher of MUGEN's, bottom one is mine)



  • Fart Meter still displays during Wario Apparition, which I will admit isn't a bad move choice, despite being a stale meme now.


  • Speaking of the move, blocking it isn't a good idea.


  • Uh... Should I ask what's wrong with the armor?



  • Quoted from Dissidia (who provides a good bit of the screenshots): If "Wario Apparition" is done on corner, it takes longer.
  • Also related to the move, Wario can be hit during it. (Someone tested it with an edit of Supermystery's Sonic.)
  • And performing the move mid-air can break it with a wallbounce.
  • Whoops...



That's all I paid attention to before I gave up looking. Long story short: Wario is pretty broken and needs more polishing. He does have a lot of potential, however.


-Garfieldfan (and some members of the MFFA Discord)

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Okay, so I have read the feedback you have given me, and I have fixed the following bugs:

  • Hitboxes have been updated (I used the ones from Warner's Wario so they may have been outdated)
  • Infinites have been removed
  • EX Shoulder Tackle now hits from any distance
  • Wario now properly does his EX Hyper Punch in the corner
  • Debug Flow has been removed
  • Fart Meter now properly displays
  • Wario now works properly in 1.0 version
  • Wario cannot be hit during Wario Apparition
  • Block Stun glitch removed in Wario Apparition
  • Wario Apparition length fixed in corner (however, the overall length depends on how big the opponent's run/walk hitbox is)
  • Wario Apparition cannot be broken in the air w/wall bounce
  • I don't know about the A.HK making the opponent disappear. I tried it on loads of characters that are not mine and it works just fine. It could be possibly because they lack certain sprites that the ground bounce animation requires, which should be common across every MUGEN character.

That's about it. Thank you very much for the feedback.


Here is a link to the updated version:


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