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Took me from about a week ago to giving this a remake as George's home stage so for now on, it has been done!




It features:


  • Super Jump
  • 1.1 animation
  • Henry and Mandy (George's parents) - animation
  • Clouds moving forwards from behind the other house - animation


Download this HERE!

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there's a bunch of things wrong here.


1. The sky is way too high up, not even Super Jump can get me there, resulting in me having to abuse an attack by disabling P2.




2. the Delta values are awful, they are low, which makes me feel like an ant by simply walking




3. the foot tapping is way too fast, and looks very unhuman


4. the entire area is a single sprite, so it's very unnatural


5. a single cloud? really? it's not even animation, you're only making a static image move, and tile


6. I don't know what you did with tension/vertical follow, but it's so low you can't even see your character when super jumping.



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