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This is Joey Paul willy and frankie and they`re coming to MUGEN!

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This is Joey Paul Willy and Frankie and they`re coming to MUGEN!





(Note: I have to use MEGA because MediaFire is on server maintenance. I don`t know how long it will last, but as long i with MEGA and MediaFire, I can still be on MFFA!)

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Honestly I don't think this is much good, there's no indication on what you're supposed to, on top of that the black background disappears when certain characters do Supers/Hypers.


I think the sprites could've had black in them, because when the background disappears they are transparent and it looks really bad, also moving can be impossible at times due to how many ghosts you're dealing with, I had to use Supermystery's Sonic 2 Style Sonic to even stand a chance because everyone else could be forced to left, it feels really sloppy, overall, as the 200 is in the completely wrong direction, when fighting it as P1, the portrait looks like a bunch of poor resizes in one sprite, other than that, I guess it works, also they don't come from the side of the screen, they just pop into existence.

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