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Ok, has passed so much time since a release of mine that isn't for April Fools. I debt you this since 2019 and finally I can deliver you. So here it is:


Tiny in ClayFighter 63 1/3 style!!
A project that born just because I want more CF1/2 chars in this style, and thanks to Jewel man 10 rips now the "possible project" becomes a full character. Here's what you'll find on Tiny:

  • Sprites from ClayFighter 2: Judgment Clay and voices from both games
  • Moveset based in the two games, a mixture of them to make a full character to be usable
  • New throws based on the first game (there's no throws in C2, BTW) and new supers
  • The complete 63 1/3 treatment you know and love (announcer, sparks and sound FX, Overhead Attack, combo system and Insane Combos!!)

However, he's not fully finished, I'm still struggling with Claytalities code (you know, the same problem appeared again), as well working in the Squeeze Claytality (new to MUGEN, one of the common claytalities in 63 1/3 and Sculptor's Cut), but I can't mantain him unreleased since most of the character is finished. So, I could not contain me and I made the release anyway, I hope you don't get mad with me for don't giving Tiny some Claytality, but that will be fixed soon, I promise you ;) 


And now, the screenshots!!


Don't worry, the CF63 1/3 sparks were added after the screenshots were taken ;) 


Chars -> Adaptations

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I was thinking in that, but I like most the CF1 portrait, which also has to do since his gameplay is a mixture between CF1 and CF2.


Many thanks for the rips, I couldn't do it without you, and since I made Butch palette, I can use Tiny's SFF and AIR to recreate Butch too :D


BTW, I'm open for feedback and, if you guys know something about coding, help for the Claytality bug I mentioned before (in the MFG thread there's a video about this with Jim)

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