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It would seem that there are now enough MUGEN conversions of characters from this series to warrant its own separate collection, so here we go.


Click on the author names to download.




Kazuma The Treasoner: 1st: Amada: Original - Luis Joanz's edit / 2nd: low || Ryuuhou: low || Straight Cougarいの || Elian: low || Emergy Maxfell: low


Untitled.png  Untitled.png   A9CSw0H.png  Untitled.pngUntitled.png

George Tatsunami: low || Urizanelow || Mujou Kyouji: 1st: Mermaid / 2nd: low || Kunihiko Kimishimalow


Untitled.png  Untitled.png

Alterlow || Code-B: low

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Hi -


One of your 'tatsunami' characters has a severe problem with its .cns file. Now normally its no issue but this character only has 2 builds (that i know of) and unlike others which have 1, 4, 10 edits to use pieces from to potentially fix.. This one doesnt. Its really aggravating. Just thought someone should know. Last i checked it was the ''updated'' version, hopefully not, But if so then thats one messed up update

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