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Now that we got the permissions problem out of the way im gonna start working on my Blackheart

The base is Blackheart by [Hayte], which is edited from Sunboy's Blackheart soooo editception


This is the first time i convert a character and i must say its pretty confusing at first


Of course, the basic movements are done

Note that i will work on everything cosmetic like sounds and extra effects on the very last, when my character is functioning properly


So i got the standing basic attacks

Really need some ideas for the slash effects




And here's Z over and over again cause i'm really proud of how it turned out




(too much hassle for another youtube/email account lmao)

(sorry for shitty quality my pc is shit)

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1 hour ago, The Auditor said:

Ay, nice touch on the palette being a reference to the obscure SNES Marvel Super Heroes game 😉

I literally took the exact colors from the game's sprites to make the palette

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