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[Hi-Res] A Couple Stages


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-High Jump-







Cultural Festival:

Posted Image


Posted Image

Fusion Facility:

Posted Image


Posted Image

Railroad Crossing:

Posted Image

France 640x480/960x720:

Posted Image

Posted Image

Link 1

Link 2

Some stages were updated since last used in the videos, though I'll probably update one or two later.

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I am having a problem with "France" stage

It crashes mugen and a message pops in:

Error message:

BG error reading stages/XX'FRANCE'XX.def

Library error message: Sprite doesn't exist: 29,6

Error in [bG Lady006shadow]

Replace the values of 29,6 and 22,6 in the hitdef with 29,5 and 22,5

Nvm o-O -> ExShadow reup new SFF XD

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Tested france and festival France: Error in shadow is still there even with update But other than that is superb and thankfully no lag at 1280x720 Festival: Way better than ouchi's that had misaligned tiles for the main background (But ran lag free with all animations) Lags at 1280x720 like a mother fucker sadly

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