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Neptune WIP

Nep Heart

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 Yep, it's true. I finally start on Neptune, the very namesake character from where my username originates from and one of the characters I've wanted to have in MUGEN for the longest time. However, this is not a solo project for as this is a collaboration with Shimmering Brony, who designed and provided every single sprite for Nep Nep and they're pretty good too! That means this is also my very first joint project.


 Also, screenshot below for some hindsight.



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 Even though it was already showcased, Cross Combination is a command grab in spite of its appearance. It's Neptune's only unblockable super, making it will suited against turtlers.




 That is because I've decided to choose Victory Slash as a strike-type super.


 Both of them are capable of OTGing and the command grab does less overall damage since it is capable of ignoring guts scaling, meaning Cross Combination will do more damage than Victory Slash against guts-bearing targets when they're at lower health range, adding an additional tactical layer on which super to use over the other in certain situations. Separating these attacks that are otherwise dash-in moves in their source material was necessary to avoid redundancy and give both their own separate utility.

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 Neptune's projectile super, 32-Bit Mega Blade, is a giant digital sword she summons and launches at her enemy. It has the ability to track their last position when it was summoned, making it harder to dodge than a typical projectile and it cannot be reflected. Much like Nep's other two supers, this one OTG as well.

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 I've managed to finish Neptune's level 3 super.




 While this has already been done about a week back, it's still important that I show off her Elemental Disk system that serves as Neptune's Unique Ability. With the selection of Fire, Ice, Earth and Wind, Neptune's specials will have their properties altered to expand her game plan. Certain specials, when they hit, will bind the current element on the target for a short while. When bound by an element, P2 gains a weakness to Neptune's elements as accordingly; 


- fire > ice
- ice > wind
- wind > earth
- earth > fire



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4 hours ago, Nep Heart said:

 Just so that everyone knows, Neptune is pretty much complete. The only reason she's being delayed is me waiting on her palette submissions that one of my beta testers is working on currently.

Hmm... how bout the pallete of the other Neptunia characters like Noire.

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 I don't think there are enough sprites from the mobile game to really make use of characters from there unless someone were skilled enough to add the additional required sprites to make them work (a skill I'm incredibly amateurish at). However, I do have my sights set on Mami and Madoka next using otz-kai's sprites as a basis for both, particularly Madoka since she's one of the three characters I've always wanted to do my own take on (the others being Haruhi and Neptune, the former already happened and the latter is happening).

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