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MUGEN Betting Sites (SaltyBet & SpriteClub) Collection Thread

Lillie's 音MADs

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Thread updated.

-Added section for characters by Warunoyari.


-Added Corrupted Veter Driffin by HelloMyNameIsAAA

-Updated Refrigerator by HelloMyNameIsAAA

-Added Manifestation Goenitz/Sandbagger Goenitz by Warunoyari


Note from Warunoyari, Goenitz might lead to crashes on Windows 10. Nothing harmful, though.

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Big update time


-Added Amy Black & Kaioshin Rouge by TheTrueAnalysis

-Added Inu Hanyo Tharja by TheTrueAnalysis

-Added Legendary Hero Noire by TheTrueAnalysis

-Added Matilda the Armadillio by TheTrueAnalysis

-Added Omega Tharja by TheTrueAnalysis

-Added Perfect Tharja by TheTrueAnalysis

-Added Shogun Tharja by TheTrueAnalysis

-Added Tharja by TheTrueAnalysis

-Added Tharja Yoshikage by TheTrueAnalysis

-Added Thrilling Tharja by TheTrueAnalysis

-Added Hoshikujaku by MoloMowChow

-Added Mythic Rare Kinyo Roadshow by HelloMyNameIsAAA

-Updated Corrupted Veter Driffin by HelloMyNameIsAAA

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Also i was updating my stuff... you can spot me in mediafire and my edited character pack as well. Why? because some people was requesting my characters in their videos (in Spriteclub) and yes anyway can include this as extra bonus. My regards!



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8 hours ago, SweetsPlanet said:



found the goldmine of MUGEN shitposting


Any character recommendations cause i really can't choose which to try first

The best ones ain't listed here, characters made by KAZ and Mouser.

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Last update of TF2 Scout; Link


OpieOP Marksman;  Link


AI patched Shapesnatch;  Link

Updated: Link


VAC? Sniper: Link


Updated version of Y.A.M.E.T.E; Link


Clint Eastwood:  Link


Baby Vegeta: Link


Blaziken: Link


Updated version of Mathrus and Lesser Mathrus. Link


Doomguy (AI Patched version of David Demianoff's Flynn Taggar): Link


Creatively Bankrupt Kanna: Link


Monyu Monyu (AI Patch): Link


Edit of DENMOU's Eraser. Link


AI Patched Version of mugenfan's Eternal Sailor Moon: Link


Libruh: Link


Optimus Prick (Edit and AI Patch of Omega Supreme's Optimus Prime): Link


Super Nyololin: Link


Boo SSJ EX: Link


Street Master Ken: Link


Glass Joe (Edit): Link


Doctor Morbis: Link


Altair (AI Patched): Link


Christmas Tree (Edit): Link


🗿 : Link


Windows Mistake Edition: Link


Crispy the Chicken (and Tarnished Crispy): Link


Monstro: Link


Adesign: Link


Super Macho Man: Link


Borot MK-V: Link


The Bloat: Link (1.0 version)


Y2K Felicia (Edit of Nail's Felicia): Link


Somewhat Fair Metool (AI Patched version of N64Mario's Metool): Link


Stormfrooper (Edit of Pgrs111MAGEN's Stromtrooper.): Link


Green Beret (Rush'n Attack): Link


Jado from Dead Dance/ Tuff E Nuff: Link

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