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Big Fight: Trouble in the Atlantic Ocean


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Click on the author names to download.

Blue: Normal

Red: Offline

Yellow: WIP

Purple: Collection Purposes only

Character Select


Kevin: Joey Faust || Gear: Joey Faust || Zill: Joey FaustNS




Garuda: Joey Faust || Chen: NS || Mevella: NS, ELECTR0 || Gonza: Joey Faust || TX-No.3: Joey Faust || Dr. D: Joey Faust || Pharaoh: mitai dake



Fighter Rips by TheBootlegs170, AFruitaday!



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On 12/14/2019 at 11:24 PM, bredd said:

i see. a shame though. should i put it up as offline, though?

Sure. You might want to mark Joey Faust’s characters as collection purposes only, as well. ELECTR0 is making a Mevella, too.

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