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Chars that guard against airial, standing & crouching attacks at the same time?

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There are quite a few, most of them tend to be the SF3 edits and CvS edits, as a lot of them tend to have quite the impressive AI. But overall, you won't find many characters that can guard all manners of attack, depending on how they are a created. I mean, overall, many attacks, regardless of where they take place, all really fall into is the attack facing the same direction as the block. In other words, if someone is attacking from the left, and you are blocking from the left, you'll most likely end up blocking it regardless of whether or not it is in the air, in the middle of the screen, or on the ground.


Not many characters have a very sophisticated blocking system that requires blocking specific sections, but instead, block an entire direction. So overall, yeah... pretty much any and all characters tend to be able to block all at once, but very few are designed to actually block all at once.

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