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Omega Tiger Woods + Edits Collection


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Omega Tiger Woods and Edits Collection

This thread is related of our bizarre professional golfer that is originally made by Most_Mysterious, then remade 2 times (2007 edit from same author and 2012 under his currently new alias as The_None) and edited by various authors since 2008.

NOTE: If any edit or any variant of Omega Tiger Woods is missing, let me know in the comments and enjoy 🙂

Original Versions:

First Version (Most_Mysterious) || Second Version (Most_Mysterious) || Third Version (The_None) - RabbitGentleman's Edit

Omega Stick Man (Lebert130) || Big Glitchy Retarded Tiger Woods (Any15) || Omega Flowey (EnderCreeper999) || The Leader (Unknown Creator) || Omega Drake (mugencharcollector)


Not Fluttershy (PinkiePie11) || Omega Tiger Woods Akasan-Type (Josh Geary) || Omega Guy (Jekerty100000000) || Omega Woods Type G Killer (Any15)


Todd Rogers (TheDiamond44) || The Bus Of Doom (Nathan The Awesome MotherFucker) || MS Paint Killer Woods (any15) || OTW Armageddon Missile (Most_Mysterious_Is_Back! (Credited to Most_Mysterious/The_None))


OTW Car (Casey1337_TEHGUY) || Omega Alfred Neuman (Casey1337_TEHGUY)


Omega Tiger Woods 2008 (Garrionfeld/JNG) God Alosson's Edit,  RabbitGentleman's Edit || Omega Tiger Woods 2013 (GermanyHDGaming) || Omega Tiger Woods '14 (MetalGuy213) - Aracdboy's Edit (Omega Tiger Woods '15)
Donald Nemesis' 1st Edit (Omega Tiger Woods '17)Donald Nemesis' 2nd Edit (Omega Tiger Woods '18) || Omega Tiger Woods 2019 (Crockrich)


Symbiote Omega Tiger Woods (TheCrazyVoid) || Raging Tiger Woods (TheCrazyVoid) || Omega Tiger Woods 2020 (CheapOmegaTigerWoods) || Aero Tiger Woods (GermanyHDGaming)


I Feel Good OTW Stage (RabbitGentleman)

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17 hours ago, luisbarretto said:

All of the variants are spriteswps of OTW so here's Fluttershy by PinkiePie11, who also is a spriteswap of OTW: http://www.mediafire.com/file/xnkr04r0w082l42/OTW_Spriteswap_Fluttershy_1_.rar/file


well i mostly note that All variants (OSM, OF, OD and Not Fluttershy) (except Big Glitchy Retarded Tiger Woods which is a Spriteswap of Claymizer's Chansey) are spriteswaps (except Not Fluttershy) and Headswaps of Original OTW, 2008 edit and 2012 edit.

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On 11/4/2020 at 6:56 PM, JudeTheBigStupid said:

Didn't see him on this list so


Omega Tiger Woods Akasan-Type by Noobic Cube, and Used As A Base by Josh Geary: http://www.mediafire.com/download/yx18pouhm39do3d/OTW+Akasan-Type.zip

Didn't noticed about it, i'll update it asap.

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