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A.I. patches by Lillie's 音MADs

Lillie's 音MADs

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After a hiatus, my next patch is finally out. This is one for a rather simple char, A.T's Very Gnawty. Grab him at the usual link.



Rank: Strong

A simple patch that takes advantage of the few attacks that Gnawty has. Will relentless try to jump on his opponent again and again, though this can be blocked. Chips down opponents with his bomb special, which the opponent can actually hit and hurt himself, giving Gnawty more chances to hit.
Also uses the coconut spit to approach, though not for much more. Despite keeping up his defenses when not attacking, Gnawty can easily be hit out of jump and has not superamor much unlike the original game, not helped by his size.
Overall, can beat a lot, but is also beaten by a lot.
Does exceptionally well against superarmors from my tests, as his jump can go on forever from the lack of knockdown.


Look forward to more releases as I should be more active from now on. I do have one more patch done by now, but it requires a little more work before it can be released. I plan to complete 2 more and finally release Stocking, before I will move onto 1 or 2 of my own projects.

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8 new patches released.


Chimerius by kirbey

Devil Daimajin by googoo64

Dixie Kong by A.T.

Hildegard by YoyoCollao

Koichi Pose by EX Falcion

Mario by Michael J (refered to as Mario Hispania in the file, as the was the name of the OG def aswell)

Raco by kozeni

Sonic by Claymizer (V2)





These have all been in the backlog for a while. Like, fuck, been a bit, huh. I'm just kinda sloppy with releases or using this website at all, really. As of recent, I feel my track record has improved, however.


Go grab them at the usual link. Feel free to drop feedback as always and please tell me if I happen to forget a file again.

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On 3/29/2021 at 9:06 PM, DRag_N_DRop said:

By anychance do you do AI patches for Weak Characters like some KOF or Weird Bootlegged Characters?

I do certainly have an intrest in the latter, there were a few in that folder i have for all chars I want to have patches of sometime. If there's anyone you want to suggest, I can certainly take a look, though again, I'm easily distracted, so it might take me a while to get around to them. KOF is something I just...can't really get into fgameplay wise when it comes to mugen. Trust me, I tried, there was this Segata Sanshiro I wanted to patch but I hated how fucking precise you had to be with his inputs and I've seen that stuff a lot when it comes to KOF chars.


I must also say - I'm gennerally a fan of lower tiers to begin with. The strength of my patches is usually all over the place, but I do prefer them, even if I don't make a patch purposefully weaker to reach them. When I design these, gennerally, I want tohe char to play well with what it is good at, but still use at least 95% of their kit, unless a move is just striaght up awful. Again, if you got anything, feel free to suggest a char and I'll take a look sometime.

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Three new AI patches are out. This time, another nijikaku character, Kona-chan, and two of Exclamation_Question's Kart Fighter characters, Bowser and Luigi. Grab em at the usual link.


Thank you @DRag_N_DRopfor the suggestion to check out some bootleg chars, they were pretty fun to work with (even if I'm most proud of Kona-chan when it comes to these 3)

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