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Mega Man - Robot Master Mayhem

O Ilusionista

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Mega Man - Robot Master Mayhem



Unlike the normal Mega Man games, this is a fighting game in versus style, highly influenced by games like Marvel vs. Capcom.

The game includes, for the last version (2.5.1)

• 22 playable characters, including names like Mega Man, Proto Man, Snake Man, Metal Man, Enker, Quint and others.

• Several classic bosses of the series, such as Yellow Devil, Hyper Storm H and others

• Power Sets: Almost all characters, except some cases explained in game history, have the ability to choose from 6 different types of powers / weapons, in addition to special attacks

• History, with introduction and end, for each character

• Unique stages for each character, with its characteristic soundtrack

Take control of your favorite Megaman characters to stop the Evil Dr. Wily from conquering the Earth.




The game can be downloaded here: https://gamejolt.com/games/robotmastermayhem/405160




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I've been working since last year - the new effects for the project Mega Man - Robot Master Mayhem.

No more too bright effects and heavy SFF - now we are back to the roots of MVC1, with other different games on the mix. I've been gathering and testing new effects and I liked the result.

Also, some hypers on Axl were changed, to give him more dramatic feeling.

The next version will be released in December 19. Are you ready?





We will have some new playable characters for that version, which includes a fan favorite - PHARAOH MAN.


More news soon 🙂


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Best of luck with the project O Illusionista, so far, its freaking amazing! Real talk though, I do hope to see the full roster of every Mega Man character/boss from all the NES/SNES games at some point, but I'm sure that'll take a long time (unless of course you just download the ones that were already made from MA and edit them to function properly in Robot Master Mayhem).


But yeah, anyways, this is absolutely fantastic. It plays smoothly, the music is of course a delight, and the gameplay is very reminiscent of Mega Man Power Battle from the arcade.

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Thanks buddy!


Here is a Bass preview, finally. First I show all his hyper moves, then an AI battle. Bass doesn't have a vicious AI like some other characters *cough* Shadow Man *cough*.

Also, now he has brand new custom voices, done by my friend Psykai.

Bass will be available on the next RMM release, in december 2019




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Here is a preview of Snake Man update for the Mega Man Robot Master Mayhem project. 



As I said at community, I have good and bad news.

Good news: Snake Man update is done, finally. It was the hardest character to update, since all of his previous effects used CVS-like transparent effects but the results are awesome! 

Bad news: We won't be able to release the update in December 30th 😞

Yeah, that suck but we (me, mostly) need more time to polish some stuff and I don't want to release something which can looks rushed, incomplete. 

The release date was moved to 30-01-2020.

This decision was very heavy for me, as this project would mark the commemoration of my 20 years of mugen and now the date will pass without my release, but unfortunately it had to be made. 

I'm very upset about this, but I asked myself to postpone the date.

Sorry guys 😞

But in the end, I think the result will worth the wait and you will be enjoying a better product. 

Also, I wanna say THANK YOU to everyone who still supports my work, after all those years.

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Mega Man Robot Master Mayhem - All Throws - version 3.1



Preview of all throws (normal, special and hypers) of the Mega Man Robot Master Mayhem project, including some of the new characters.

Now all characters have at least 2 throws. And several old throws have been changed. It is not the final version, as it will still be reviewed.

The game will be updated this year, stay tuned.


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