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- Hulk (Vs Style Debut) by Shinzankuro

- Sabretooth by Gknux19

- Galactus by Ax



- The links to the two RAHLONNIR's creations (Hercules & Silver Samurai) have been corrected.

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- Exodus by Arkady, edited by Milbury

- Iron Fist by Ahuron, edited by SSonic

- S.L.J. Nick Fury by Sookie, comorep677 and SSonic (edit of Avalon, Chimoru, set555 & Volzilla's "Classic" Nick Fury)

- Taskmaster by Infinite, edited by 087-B

- Onslaught (2nd Form) by Overlander



The following characters no longer have their pictures greyed out thanks to the efforts of Red Chariot:

- Black Cat by XFields, Beja, Eclipse & O Ilusionista, edited by Freestyle !

- Black Widow by Arkady, NIco & Hyper, edited by SSonic

- Black Widow by Arkady, NIco & Hyper, edited by himegami

- Kingpin by (^o^) & crosspots

- Superior Spider-Man by bdc, edited by himegami

- Symbiote Thanos by JARRO7, edited by SSonic

- Venom by T.O.P.S, Spaceman & Angelus_ Silverhead, edited by SSonic


And last but not least: we've officially made it to 1k characters milestone, folks!


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This is too amazing, all the characters of Marvel that were created. No wonder this is the most popular thread on the site.


All I can find is that the Spider-Man in the same row as all the Superior Spider-Men, in between the grayed out Spidey and Zombie Spidey, only links to the image of him, and not the character.

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23 hours ago, Red Chariot said:

The link for Black Cat by Freestyle !  takes me to the image and not the link

Fixed. (the friggin' lag, i tell you)


22 hours ago, Red Chariot said:

Thanks a bunch for these, especially for bdc's characters. They're really hard to come by these days.

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