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CaXeqCY.png pWOdnug.pngiC2m9If.png9hyrN4F.png1FTcY9J.png NCV5FxV.pngQyHaY4R.pngrq10rL8.png9EStSNk.pngMkQacEK.pngJL2HVwT.png

Alice: Tram || Assassin Cross: Male: FxFreitas / Female: Seima || Cecil Damon: Seima || Eremes Guile: Seima || Game Master: Kuon || High Priest: Seima || Kathryne Keyron: 1st: Seima / 2nd: Ali || Margaretha Solin: Seima || Male Magician: Glook



Paladin: Holy_Knight: V1 / V2 / V3 || Seyren Windsor: Seima || Super Novice: Seima || Soul Linker: Seima || Valkyrie Randgris: FxFreitas



Angeling: The Doctor || Devilich: Seima || Deviling: The Doctor || Poring: Seima ||  Raydric and Archer: Seima || Wolf: Dark Ruler: Blue / Brown



saOPlrx.png PPjEphn.pngKsxThj0.png

Amon Ra: The Doctor || Atroce: The Doctor || Phreeoni: The Doctor



Ktullanux: RayX D'Great

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