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Nep MUGEN Releases: Haruhi Suzumiya New Year Overhaul

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Went ahead and updated everyone seeing as Eri's drastically different universal mechanics have no impact on them.


All Generation 1 characters:

- Adjusted custom hitfall.
- Adjusted hit velocities to compensate.
- Corrected more aesthetic errors.


Kadokawa characters:

- Increased scaling on first hit of Combo Blast.


EFZ characters:

- Reduced damage on all normals.


Akari Ichijou:

- Corrected some gethit bugs for clone.
- Adjusted AI.
- Adjusted clone's AI.
- Slightly increased air dash start-up.

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 Eri escapes from Blade Noa and enters the MUGEN world to seek freedom. This characters is the first of many things; the first to made by me in a brand new mechanic, the first character to be made by me in 2020, the first hi-res character made by me, the first Vanguard Princess character made by me and so on. Considering this is an experimental system that differs greatly from Generation 1 as my previous stuff were made under, Generation 2 is a fresh new experience that definitely will continued to be polished in the near future that requires a different approach.


Get her here and have fun: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AvDqTmHZ37Dikl3NylQ4gUYucK_u?e=Za6mUC



 As usual, updates to my previous stuff correspond to the new release.


All Generation 1 characters:

- Adjusted damage and damage scaling ratios of normal; more damage per hit, but scales more per attack.
- Minimum damage scaling for normals and specials increased to 12.5%
- Tweak hitstun decay.
- Tweak Guard Crush animations.
- Revised juggle expiration knockdown.
- Change tech and ground hit sounds.


Homura Akemi:

- Reduced projectile untechable time.


Hotaru Futaba:

- Restored projectile limiter.
- Decreaesed projectile untechable time.


Haruhi Suzumiya:

- Reduced projectile and assist untechable time.


Doppel Nanase:

- Loosened input for Human Floor-Burning Polisher.


Miyako Arima:

- Non EX Shin-Kyaku versions have slightly longer hitbox duration and hitbox comes out earlier.
- Tweak AI.


Youmu Konapku:

- Corrected Spell Bonus failure for Lotus Stance Cut.


Akari Ichijou:

- Added projectile limiter.
- Decreased projectile untechable time.
- Tweaked AI.

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 To address some issues, I've went ahead and updated Eri, Miyako and Akari.


Eri Hasumi:

- Corrected many aesthetics.
- Tweaked Stun damage formula.


Miyako Arima:

- Corrected posadd for Chou-Shinchuu EX. Also corrected bug in which the AI will use the move 1 frame early from hitstun recovery.


Akari Ichijou:

- Corrected hitvelset for KO override.



Seeing as this forum doesn't have a poll feature (or I may be overlooking something), I decided to open a poll in an offline site for people to vote for the next Gen 2 character. The poll will last for 3 weeks.



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On 3/11/2020 at 4:16 AM, Nep Heart said:

 Right, so, the poll ended yesterday and now I can actually see the results from both MFG and MFFA respectively.


  Reveal hidden contents




 Lilith is the winner for Generation 2's next project, which I'll start when I get far enough into Neptune's development. Thanks for participating, everyone!

Good luck on Lilith, even though i choosed to vote on Yukina.

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On 7/22/2019 at 12:19 AM, Nep Heart said:


  Reveal hidden contents




 Miyako is here to prove the power of Bajiquan to the MUGEN world! This is also my very first character with an actual custom AI, so, you won't have a watch mode pushover for once. With that done, this will be the last character I will be releasing for a while as I'll be mostly just do updates/possible AI patches in the meantime.


 Get her here: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AvDqTmHZ37DiiCSJjrHUoppZ82Uu?e=TTwBpf





All characters:

- Minimum damage scaling decreased to 10% for normals and specials, although all supers have their mininum damage scaling raised to 40%.
- Significantly decreased power gain on hit and on block across the board.
- Fixed Burst knockback by removing the small gap that allowed for OTGs.
- Fixed a detection error for Gold Burst.
- Standardized pre-wallbounce velocities and launcher recovery times.
- Introduced Gold Mode (however, only Miyako has it atm).


Puella Magi characters:

- Revised Magia Overflow.
- Passive meter gain disabled while performing supers.
- Magia Shield causes hard knockdown on both grounded and standing targets.


Touhou Project characters:

- Removed power requirement for Spell Card Mode. Spell Mode also now has passive power gain.
- Slight revision for Brave Guard.


SNK characters:

- Rolls and air dodges cross more distance.


Kadokawa characters:

- Blast now restores 200 life on hit and 50 life on block.
- Reflection Guard cost reduced to 250 to compensate for lowered meter gain.
- Passive meter gain disabled while performing supers.


Eternal Fighter Zero characters:

- Instant Charge now recovers a minor amount of life and power.
- Reduced healing from Recoil Guard, but now occurs every time it's successful as opposed to every 5 successes.
- Fixed Recoil Guard velocity bug.
- Fixed bug that sometimes made Instant Charge unblockable.


Sayaka Miki:

- Fixed visual error in Prestissimo.
- The x version of Squartatore is now semi-safe on block, y version is now air unblockable and z version now goes farther in zoomed stages.
- Made it so that speed buff occurs outside of Allegro mode and relies solely on Allegro points instead.
- j.2y has more hit velocity, allowing for more consistent follow-ups on hit and block.
- Increased horizontal reach of launcher.


Hieda no Akyuu:

- Both x and y versions of Renbuken are speed up.
- Miare Setsugetsuka has increased hitbox size and slightly higher damage.
- All versions of Miare Missile have paintbrushes spread increased, giving them effectively larger space coverage.


Homura Akemi


- Artillery Strike damage slightly reduced and incurs increased damage scaling, but has increased number of hits to help it and AT-4 overcome guts more easily to compensate.
- Fixed a few misaligned hitsparks.
- Mark XIX Desert Eagle's version x, both ground and air, as well as her C4 counter are no longer affected by most anti-projectiles.
- Fixed bug in Rebellion that made it put helpers in custom state.
- Fixed FN Minimi float bug.
- Fixed bug in all versions of L16 that caused it to be unblockable if it hits on frame 1.
- AT-4 has increased damage scaling.
- Rebellion is less affected by damage scaling.
- Bullets from 6.z have slightly reduced frame advantage.
- Time Stop Special now renders all of Homura's attacks unblockable in its duration.

Hotaru Futaba:

- Dash and back hop speeds slightly increased.
- All versions of Ren-Gekki-Shuu sans EX version have less start-up time, increased velocity and capable of plowing through single hit projectiles. Also has more pushback on block, making it harder to punish.
- Shajou-Tai has less end lag on whiff and is completely invulnerable to throws throughout, but reduced ivulnerability against standard strikes and projectiles to compensate.
- Dash attack has increased travel distance.


Mio Kouzuki:

- Fixed bug in j.2z (Short Range) in which Mio would regain control mid-descent.
- Slight speed increase in all Short Range mode normals.
- Slight guardstun decrease on a few Long Range normals.
- Now has a standing overhead normal in Short Range mode.
- All versions of Shikigami Tamer adjusted; The x version has less endlag, but does less damage and has less frame advantage to compensate. The y version is safer and has increased damage. The Reinforced version does more damage, travels slightly faster and has substantially higher guardstun.
- All versions of Onmyouji have faster descent upon reaching peak height and decreased landing lag.
- Little Match Girl versions x and y have decreased guardstun.


Doppel Nanase:

- Fixed hit velocities on all variations of Maiden Typhoon.
- Fixed Maiden Volcannon's off-screen properties for zoomed stages.
- Parry now has suction effect when successful. Parry renamed to Deflect.
- All versions of Maiden Fire are now air unblockable and have slightly larger hitboxes.
- Maiden Capture x has reduced start-up and Maiden Capture y has reduced cooldown.


Nayuki Minase:

- Fixed protection inconsistencies with Keropi Shield.
- Fixed Minase Spring Cleaning's knockback inconsistencies.
- Snow Bunnies orbit Nayuki faster, can no longer be affected by reflectors and render Nayuki immune to projectiles while they're active.
- When summoned by Nayuki, Keropi's new trajectory tracks opponent's last position now.
- Somersault Spike y version is now air unblockable.


Mai Kawasumi:

- Single Stroke no longer pauses juggle timer. Damage increased to compensate.
- Slightly higher frame advantage with all versions of Scatter.
- Closing Ground version y's non-held version sets Mai farther from her starting position.





 For my collections thread, visit here (which also details mechanics for an extra bonus):


You creation is very good. Congratulations!


Name of music of this video please.

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 Thanks to Inkrebuchet, I've found a solution to universalize hit friction against targets regardless of their friction constant. If you've noticed how grounded combos would fail against specific characters who are rather slippery (i.e.: sudara13's characters), it's likely their friction value and this solves that problem now.


All Generation 1 characters:


- Fixed issue in which all sounds would cut off if canceled into supers from multi-hit moves.
- Removed instant air dashing to avoid accidental inputs.
- Corrected hitfall FX error.
- Reassigned some archetypes according to optimization findings.
- Revised Guard Crush formula.
- Revised cornerpush formula to follow according to hitstun decay timer.
- Added custom hit friction, now allowing grounded combos to work on slippery characters.


Touhou Project:


- Simplified Brave Guard.


Melty Blood:


- Shield can now be held at cost of power.
- Power gain from shielding now scales based on Heat gauge.


Haruhi Suzumiya:


-Increased duration of Itsuki by 50%.


Miyako Arima:


- Crouching Light now OTGs.
- Completely overhauled AI.


Akari Ichijou:


- Reduced Hagure Hitogata's life to 200.
- Corrected error in which invulnerability did not trigger in pre-pillar frames of Harai Tenku.
- Damage for Shikigami Hyakkiyakou increased.
- Tweaked AI.
- Whiffed air throw has a hitbox on the way down instead of only when hitting the ground and has a faster descent.


Eri Hasumi:


- Increased guard damage for Power Style normals.
- Slightly increased leniency for Deflect.
- Tweaked AI.
- Corrected read me error for Stinger Rush's command.
- Corrected certain hitsparks not appearing during P2 KO.
- Corrected afterimage error for Supersoldier Strength during custom states.
- Added custom hit friction, now allowing grounded combos to work on slippery characters.

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 Neptune breaks the fourth wall and decides to Nep things up! As my very first collaboration project roughly a year's worth of combined effort, me and Shimmering Brony presents the main protagonist of Neptunia and the overseer of Planeptune herself. We've worked harder than we usually do in our respective MUGEN trade to make Nep Nep possible and she's finally here after a long wait. We've had fun with this project and we hope you enjoy the product of our release. Enjoy!


Get her here: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AvDqTmHZ37DikwowwnRSDMYZHSly?e=StERxU



 Now for the routine updates and fixes for everyone else.


All Generation 1 characters:


- Reduced active frames for Burst and changed its command.
- Simplified command for teching.
- Corrected bug for custom hit friction that caused MUGEN to crash whenever more than one target is acquired.
- Moved recoverable health meter to a lower and more convenient location.
- Adjusted position for some character specific gauges. 
- Corrected enemy hit SFX/FX system sometimes not playing/showing whenever a helper acquires a target.
- Corrected Guard Crush delay bugs.
- Tweaked AI for all characters except Reisen.


All Generation 2 characters:


- Corrected bug for custom hit friction that caused MUGEN to crash whenever more than one target is acquired.
- Corrected and updated various FX triggers.
- Tweaked AI.

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All Generation 1 characters:


- Added "Perfect" win FX and SFX.
- Corrected occasional bug in which P2 is briefly invulnerable during Guard Crush
- All normal attacks cause increased pausetime upon counter hit as opposed to heavy normals only. They also now delay hitstun decay by 30 frames.
- Reduced movement velocities for mid to higher speed ranged characters to tighten ratios between them.


All Generation 2 characters:


- Reduced counter hit bonus damage.
- Increased damage scaling for normal throws.


Reisen Udongein Inaba:


- Guard Cancel Counter is now made into a single hit.




- Reduced guard stun for first two projectiles of Rapid Elemental Edge. Also reduced hitbox size of fire and ice projectiles.
- Slightly increased damage scaling for Break Crush.
- Increased damage scaling for Victory Slash.
- Slightly increased damage for Cross Combination.


Eri Hasumi:


- Increased width of Stinger Spike's hitbox significantly, reducing chances of whiffing in its appropriate range.

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 Kano makes a magical wish into MUGEN. Probably my first fully dedicated character release who very much plays on the defensive side and is rather high execution, so, she may not be as easy to bring out her potential as my previous Generation 1 characters, but she's got a lot of tools at her disposal thanks to the unique Aria mechanic. This is also the return of an EFZ character as I haven't made one in nearly a year.







All Generation 1 characters:


- Updated method of all project reflectors with how they handle sound channel nullification.
- Wallbounce FX updated with custom FX.
- Corrected error in perfect FX.


All Generation 2 characters:


- Corrected bug in attack landing lag sometimes cancelling early.


All Eternal Fighter Zero characters:


- Added Gold Mode.


Nayuki Minase:


- Decreased damage for all normals and a few specials/supers.
- Increased landing lag for aerial specials.


Akari Ichijou:


- Corrected bug in portal projectile redirection velocity.
- Corrected cinematic detector to cover more scenarios. 
- Tweaked AI.




- Corrected bug in which Elemental Status effect would reappear and loop even after a round is finished.
- Corrected a few sprite issues.
- Tweaked damage and guardstun for all normals and elemental projectile specials.
- Cross Combination now does increased damage when Elemental Status weakness conditions are present.
- Tweaked AI.

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 I am aware EFZ is pretty niche in MUGEN nowadays, but glad I can deliver to those who wanted them including Kano.


 Anyway, made a quick hotfix for Neptune since she had a few minor stuff to address.




- Further corrected some sprite and animation errors.

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 Lilith slams the competition! My birthday release that I will share with all of you is my second Generation 2 character from Vanguard Princess converted to my newer custom style, it's Lilith! She's a bit more execution heavy than Eri since she's my first character with 360 motions, but I assure everyone that they'll be more lenient to do than normal due to the custom command buffer I use for my stuff.


 Get my birthday present here: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AvDqTmHZ37DilETifmPwwxPjFyyi?e=E1MEeo


 With her release, I'll now reopen the Generation 2 poll from last time with a new addition added to the list of WIP candidates, this will last 30 days before it's closed.



All Generation 2 characters:


- Corrected damage scaling bug in which the hitcount value would persist in guard strings.
- Revised method for hit/guard spark positioning to account for hittable helpers.

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 Reuploaded Lilith with a few fixes applied to her.


- Corrected super cancel/Boost bug where the target would freeze in place when using Hyper Face Bomber.
- Corrected bug where Purgatory Flame fails to read what style Lilith is in that determines its damage.


 Also, there was a big error in the poll, so, I will need everyone to vote again.



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All Generation 2 characters:


- Adjusted juggle gravity timer.
- Adjusted Max Drive Mode timer.
- Tweaked AI to account for system adjustments.




- Corrected bug where Lilith would freeze in place if Hyper Face Bomber retains no target on hit.

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 So, averaging out the results from both forums, Hakurei Miko won with an average of 12.8275 over Yukina's 11.795. May start the actual project towards the end of the year or somewhere early next year for I am pretty much on break from any WIPs asides from the Reimu one that I need to finish.

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 I originally planned to mass update on Reimu's release, but it's probably better to get these bug fixes and balance changes out of the way sooner. However, I'll exclude the Touhou characters from this update since I still need to finish their win screens.


All Generation 1 characters (except Touhou Project):


- All non-attack based supers now lock power gain while active.
- Revised Dash Bonus.


All Eternal Fighter Zero characters:


- Reinforce damage bonus max reduced from 10% down to %5.


Hotaru Futaba:


- Corrected cornerpush bug.


Mai Kawasumi:


- Revised Manipulation of Power - Blitz; now made into a triple cluster of fireballs.


Miyako Arima:


- Corrected hit detection issues for helpers.
- Revised method for super armor.


Akari Ichijou:


- Adjusted damage for all non-EX versions of Shikigami Tenku.
- Adjusted the function of Power and Defense tags' status effects slightly.
- Portals now disappear when Akari is hit.
- Tweaked AI to account for aforementioned power lock.



- Tweaked AI to account for aforementioned power lock.


Kano Kirishima:


- Corrected Aria HUD sometimes omitting level blocks at full charge.

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 Major updates for the Touhou cast and a minor updates for a few other characters. Also updated everyone else due to a custom state liedown bug that has eluded my notice until recently.


 When I do finish Reisen's update (who is undergoing more balance changes), that's when I'll finally be releasing Reimu. Sorry for the delay, haven't been in the mood the last few months to make these finishes, although I should pick back up later this year.


All Generation 1 Characters:

- Corrected custom liedown bug.
- Reduced number of normals that can be jump canceled on block.


All Touhou Project Characters (except Reisen):

- Added new match lose pose.
- Added match win dialogue screen.


Hieda no Akyuu:

- Completely overhauled character.


Homura Akemi:

- Adjusted damage scaling.


Akari Ichijou:

- Reduced overall damage for clone.
- Cannot use Tenma Sukima while portals are still active.



- Adjusted damage for all supers except HDD: Purple Heart.


Youmu Konpaku:

- Added new match lose pose.
- Added match win dialogue screen.
- 200 Yojana in One Slash can now penetrate most melee counters.
- Adjusted damage for nearly every attack.
- Lotus Stance Cut crosses more distance.
- Added new winpose and adjusted one of her intros.

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