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Kill la Kill


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protip: they all suck


Red: Offline





Ryuko Matoi: TrafalgarLawzz



UmMPxGo.png6nZdDle.pngofjpuPF.png0IfR9ig.png    BOapcL4.png

Ryuko Matoi: Normal: 1st: Son Bra / 2nd: Hatya / Senketsu: 1st: Son Bra / 2nd: Nexus Games / 3rd: Son Bra


pov37hg.pngVnJUN48.png    VDXSMtW.png    huT6M8s.png  hOzUDDq.png

 Mako Mankanshoku: Son Bra || Satsuki Kiryuin: Normal: Son Bra / Junketsu: 1st: Son Bra / 2nd: Nexus Games || Ira Gamagoori: Son Bra 


YlHq62c.png   PPs33Pq.png       kEhor2t.pngboGJi5a.png

 Uzu Sanageyama: Son Bra || Houka Inumuta: Son Bra || Nonon Jazukure: Son Bra || Nui Harime: Son Bra


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Even though i find Son Bra's Satsuki to be fun to play as

I will agree that Son Bra's characters in general are not good.

Weird attacks, strange looking sprites, i believe weird hitboxes. And even possible spriteswaps.

(Side note, as a sprite artist. Son Bra's sprites having pixels of different sizes legitimately hurts me on the inside)

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