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Can't help but notice:

  • Fighter's History attempts to link to Street Fighter 3, which is deadlinked anyway.
  • Versus does this too
  • Blazblue links to CVS
  • Dong Dong Never Die does this too
  • Million Knights Vermillion links to Guilty Gear
  • The Inm of Fighters links to I Wanna Be The Guy
  • ExShadow links back to the [COLLECTIONS] topic


This forum post has been bug tested. :)
Sorry about that. Came here looking for Blazblue and when I noticed the responses having some issues and them getting fixed, I thought I'd just knock all the misdirects out of the way and bring them to the forefront.

Now to find me some Blazblue stages....

(Basically hunting for pretty stages with 1.1 zoom... I've spent two whole nights searching and have come up with a measly 13 of them. Usually when I can't find something, I'm like "Then I shall learn how to make it!" But... I'm not an artist x.x Pretty stages are not in my skillset.)

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i have an ipossible request


i'm looking for an HD stage that was made 6+ years ago, all i have is some memory of it.


stage description:

- underground Cave  or Robot Hangar with animated dust particles falling from top
- a Giant robot head with a glowing Red eye in the center of stage, i think you only see the eyes because of the shadows conceal it.
- stage file size is over 100 mb could be over 200 mb


if someone can scan through his Collection and filter those big stage files and screenshot or give me the stage name.


the stage was highly detailed, i dont think ExShadow made it

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