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Granblue Fantasy

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Watched video of said character. I think it's just a pure coincidence that he's called Nehan, not that he's actually meant to be Nehan. STG would have had used Nehan's portrait and dialogue from the game (in similar fashion of Gordeau!Belial and Azrael!Beelzebub) if that was the case.

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idk, even if the edit does play a music from the event i can't help but feel it's a big stretch to include him here. like, i can kinda see why gordeau and azrael was chosen to portray belial and bubs, but shiki as nehan? at this point STG should have just used sprites of SilverAsh from Arknights and called him Nehan, and i would have eaten that shit up, lol.


then again, i'm utterly sick of shiki edits, so it's probably my bias talking here.






yep, not gonna add him. his color palette isn't even a reference to Nehan's, he's devoid of Nehan's defining feature (i.e. animal ears), doesn't even use a gun, nothing. it's literally just generic shiki edit number #254422883.

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Time for another STG release. This time it’s Sumeragi Kuon, except he’s meant to be Lucilius. There’s also an patch in there for Beezlebub, Avatar Core and Cilius. 


EDIT: The file for Lucilius isn’t there apparently.


EDIT once again: Found a working link on STG’s blog. The patches for all of them are in the video description. 


More regular Granblue characters in Mugen when though

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That's definitely a weird pick for Faa-san. Though it does make you wonder who's next on STG's list. Vatista as Shalem? :p



- "Lucilius" by STG

- Patches for "Belial", "Beelzebub", and "Lucilius" by STG (not really sure what these do)

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Had a feeling they’d do another GBF character after GBVS came out. Didn’t expect this but it’s a welcome surprise for sure. Now I wonder how long it’s gonna be until Uzuki gets updated cause of the more recent Cinderella Fantasy collab...that and Eahta cause of Eternals 6* on the horizon. 


EDIT: Oira got updated too. I assume because Djeeta got released. 

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