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[SNES] Super Mario All-Stars


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Super Mario Bros. is a game title that EVERYONE should probably be aware of, and this game would be your guide to its greatness if you didn't. Basically, this game was 4 of the famous Mario games that came out on the NES resprited in gorgeous 16-bit, and put back just the way the original was in one cartridge. If you want to have nostalgia of the Famous plumber before he went 3d and became a sport and party game addict, this is the game to play. The 4 games are: Super Mario Bros. (The Start of greatness) Super Mario Bros. 2 (JAP or the Lost levels) (a lot harder than the first) Super Mario Bros. 2 (USA or Doki Doki Mario) (DRUG TRIP) Super Mario Bros. 3 (Best Mario game EVER)
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