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gui0007's POTS/POTS-ish Edits: Guts from Berserk RELEASED!! #ThankYouMiura


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Chun-Li (Alpha) released!


Download in the first post!

- New voice from Street Fighter Zero 3 (with a little bit of Marvel vs. Capcom 2)
- New big portraits and Level 3 portraits by RagingRowen and Sennou-Room
- Added winquotes from Street Fighter Alpha series
- Added proper Super finish texts
- Fixed stance animation
- Command of some specials and Senretsu Kyaku changed to be like in the original SFZ3
- Fixed Spinning Bird Kick and Power Charge sprites
- Fixed winning animations and sprites
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Not planned but my fella El Parasito de la Web did some tweaks and new pals for him, so i did some other necessary fixes too. :v
Also thanks to RagingRowen for the tip about the Wall Impact sound.
Download in the first post.

- New pals and few tweaks by El Parasito de la Web
- Fixed and implemented proper sound and value for Ultra Throw's Wall Impact (thanks a bunch RagingRowen for the tip!)
- Also fixed the Impact sounds of Megaton Press and Gigas Breaker's last hit
- Fixed a serious issue on Gigas Breaker
- Command of some specials and Gigas Breaker changed
- Damage value slightly tweaked
- Scale and Life values fixed
- Fixed an issue on his Low Parry animation

Also here's a quick tutorial of how to install the Wall Impact sound for the character of your preference to work properly against Hugo.

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Check first post for download link and some details.

Yep, back with the POTS Style edits with Akuma (Gouki) but not in his CVS look, but from Street Fighter 3!

fAyt did a version of Akuma with his SF3 appearance, with the gameplay highly based on POTS version of Shin Akuma. Also there are other versions of fAyt's Akuma, but with different gameplay.

Since Jmorph did an excellent Ken based on SF3 i decided to give this one a try, specially because fAyt's Akuma wasn't played in POTS Style properly and had some serious issues, specially in his Zero Counter and many misaligned effects.

And after five months of fixes, changes and updates i share with you this first version of this edit. Probably new updates will come since some few stuff still missing.

Sounds and many of the FXs now are with modern POTS Style stuff
- Sounds of Supers Level 1 and 3 FXs now are the correct ones
New Level 3 Portrait (thanks DeathScythe!)
Many of moves commands revamped
Fixed a serious issue in his Zero Counter
- Some misaligned FX and sprites fixed

Scale fixed to match CvS standards
Here's a comparison with Jmorph's SF3 Ken.

Otherwise, the other updates like in Hugo and Jedah still in the way. Slowly, but still. :v

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On 4/8/2021 at 10:35 PM, OldGamer said:

wow good work 😮

Thanks OG! 😉




Check first post for download link and details.

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