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Any triggers for palette helpers within xcostume selection?



Any triggers for helpers within xcostume selection?

So I'm trying to make a certain helper that triggers if that character is on a palette with BOTH manual buttons pressed and with the selection of the xcostume included.

But here's the results:








The helper doesn't appear in the xcostume selection but when manual buttons are pressed the helper appears, all in one palette (3)

Here's the code I did, can anybody come up with a trigger that'll activate the helper for a palette whenever BOTH manual buttons and xcostume selections are involved?

[State -2]
type = Helper
triggerall = palno = 3
triggerall = p3name != "Tomoe Mami"
triggerall = enemy,name != "Tomoe Mami"
triggerall = p3name != "tomoe mami"
triggerall = enemy,name != "tomoe mami"
trigger1 = numhelper(7020) = 0
helpertype = normal
ID = 7020
stateno = 7020
pos = -50,0
postype = p1
ownpal = 1
facing = 1
size.shadowoffset = -10
size.xscale = .5
size.yscale = .5


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