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Uncle Jobel by Brergsart Rebalanced by Jenngra505 and Data Drain

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Uncle Jobel by Brergsart Rebalanced by Jenngra505 and Data Drain

To honor Joel showcasing his Mugen counterpart on stream, I went back to this balance edit of Joel that I started when it first came out until me and Data Drain were reasonably satisfied with it.
Download: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AqN1Ini5-I2Ig84dB5KZgC5pTMhHVQ
Original for comparisons sakeĀ and by Brergrsart's request: http://mugenguild.com/forum/topics/uncle-joel-vinesauce-brergsart-182368.0.html

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Joel has been updated to version 1.4


Fixed the fact you could somehow go into Nuke Norway during his throw

Added new Medium Kick and made the old one a command normal
Added air throw in exchange for making the ground throw not hit airborne opponents
Made projectiles function against moves that interact with projectiles
Made Spintaro air guardable
Increased cooldown time on Pleasedontsueken and Scalpel
Made Batsuratsulooken less safe on block
Fixed guard damage on Scalpel and DA TRESH MAN
Improved priority on Batsuratsulooken
Made the Hard 8 AI recognize that Nuke Norway no longer hits airborne opponents.

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