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Yu Yu Hakusho (JUS STYLE)

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Yu Yu Hakusho

Jump Pocket styled Collection.


This collection features chars from Yu Yu Hakusho (Jus Styled)


There are chars marked as Red,which means the char is offline

And these ones marked as Brown,Which means the char is Crappy (low quality char) for collection purposes.



Select Your Player!:



Yusuke [1st] by Akashi Mugen 

Yusuke [2nd] by Dark King [BETA] || Tenxu 1407 || Tyler || Unknown Author

Yusuke [3nd] by MYTHOS Mugen

Yusuke [4nd] by Keyber


Kuwabara by Planeptune || Unknown Author

Hiei by AceDBZMugen || Keyber || Trator - MYTHOS Mugen edit || Ryon

Hiei [2nd] by Kari

Kurama by Clearnote || lil inu x


Genkai by Keyber

Jin by Keyber


NOTE! The chars i reupload on my mediafire are Chars on Mugenarchive,Such as Keyber's chars.


Yu Yu Hakusho Collection (For non-jus Characters)




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