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Phoenix Wright Moveset Concept


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Phoenix Wright Moveset Concept

I've had this idea to create a M.U.G.E.N. character of Phoenix Wright, he would play kind of like Umvc3 but with a few differences.

For sprites I could rip them from Super Smash Bros. Crusade and edit them so he could work more like a normal character rather than SSB style.



Phoenix Wright would be a three button character, which means he would have 3 attack buttons. (Light, Medium, Heavy) (a, b, c)

Standing Normals:

A: Hold paper in front of him

B:  Pushes paper forward

C: Point Outward


Crouching Normals:

A: Hold paper in front of him

B: Holds out magnifying glass

C: Sneeze (would be a launcher like in Umvc3)


Air Normals:

They would be the same as in the air. But if you hold down while using heavy attack, he would do a sneeze attack that sends the opponent downward, just like in Umvc3.



x: Find evidence, this move would work like Umvc3, but without the chance of getting bad evidence. Getting evidence is much faster than in Umvc3, Also you can hold up to 10 pieces of evidence.

The specials rely on evidence to work. The more evidence you have the more effective the attack is. Every time you use a special your evidence is reset back to zero.

D, F, a: Hold It!

This move stuns opponents. The more evidence you have the longer it stuns for. Without evidence the attack wont stun.

D, F, b: Objection!

This move does more damage based on how much evidence you have. It is also capable of reflecting projectiles. Without evidence the attack will do very low damage and cannot reflect projectiles.

D, F, c: Take That!

This move does more damage and knockback based on how much evidence you have.

D,B,a/b/c: Paperwork

Wright throws papers at the opponent. "Please, take a look!" The more evidence you have the more papers he will throw. Without evidence you won't throw any papers



Order In The Court! (1000 Power)

Just like in Umvc3, the Judge slams his gavel down on both players, but only damaging the opponent. This move does not require evidence.


Ace Attorney: (3000 Power)

If the opponent is close enough,  he will be able to initiate this move. Just like in Umvc3 he uses his evidence to prove the opponent guilty. This move requires 6 pieces of evidence. "The one who actually commited the crime... is you! No alibi no justice no dream no hope! Time to pay for your crimes, take this!" The opponent would be hit with a strong TAKE THAT which would deal a lot of damage and knockback.


Turnabout Riot:

Instead of going into turnabout mode like in Umvc3, he would be able to go on a turnabout riot. This move would be similar to Homer's beer riot or Spongebob's patty riot where they become stronger and have a different set of moves. When first initiating this move Wright would to an OBJECTION and if it hits, he would go into this riot. This move requires  6 pieces of evidence and 1/4 of your health left.

Turnabout Riot Normals:

a:  Push paper outward

b: Punch fist upward in joy

c: Slams (what's that thing people stand behind in court?) in front of him

all crouch and air normals are the same








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