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Guyver MVC Style


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Guyver MVC Style

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Years ago YoungDragun made Guyver for Mugen, Till this day I have no idea HOW he made or got the sprites, there masterful.

Skip ahead a couple of years and Odin585 (I think your name was???) edited him.


Sadly both versions were pretty bad (Gameplay wise) I myself got into creating because of characters like Guyver (The Original)
I spent hours editing him learning how to code, and now many years later I'm a better coder.


So I decided to give Guyver some Justice and a proper style, so MVC is what I think suits him best. Major thanks to YoungDragun for doing the sprites without those awesome sprites this could be possible.

This release is so epic that I literally read the entire manga from 1984 ~ present (It never finished) I'm watching the anime now getting more voices for him. I can truly say I love Guyver.


I hope you guys enjoy him as well!


6 Buttons

3 Specials

3 Hypers

English Voices

MVC Style

Lots of love put into this.

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