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One Piece - Great Pirate Colosseum

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After an absence period, I'm back to add new files in the thread. Remember that all links are in the first post.
Here's the list.



  • Alvida by Unknown (bad char)
  • Sir Crocodile by Gladiacloud
  • Sir Crocodile by CobraG6
  • Akainu Sakazuke by by CobraG6
  • Fugitora Issho by CobraG6
  • Gild Tesoro by CobraG6



  • Pallete Pack for Vismoke Sanji(Kenshiro99) by kater15


Full Games:

  • Malusardi One Piece Mugen GPC (2018) V2 by CobraG6
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hey uh, i dont remember coding this "alvida" character at all


i dont know who she is or where you got the character from, but i sure as hell did not make her lol


please take my name off this character. i did not make her and i do not wish to be associated with something as terrible as this. i see now the character was taken from a certain blacklisted website, which has my name on it. this is not accurate, please take it off. i did not make this.

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