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Perfect Soundtrack

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Some stages come with their own BGM. But sometimes that music just sucks, or you just dont feel it. Some stages don't have official BGM. Share your favorite song to go with a stage. Only pick the stages and songs that, once together, really pull you into the fight, and feels more like watching a great fight instead of a simple arcade match!

Include a picture of your stage, a link to download it, and the song you feel is it's perfect soundtrack. Everyone is welcome to post as much as they want. Show us what you think makes the perfect stage and music









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It Came From The Desert!




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2 hours ago, SSBK65 said:

This channel does something like this, there's many videos showing a character, stage & great BGM. All in one. Here's an example:



Kind of, but he only picks certain stages and gives you his own choices. This thread is for everyone to offer what really pulls them into a perfect fight. Someone like Ryon can give you some totally different perfect music for a clubbing stage or someone like AnimeCoolHustlah and that Samurai Champloo feel. You may feel different too. What's your favorite pair up?

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I remember when I downloaded this stage from the original link(The new link doesn´t include the music) its music was personally boring because sounds like a weird electronic music, so I decided to put this remix for making more epic. 

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