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[Minigame] Tetris by nns

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1 hour ago, cartwheel champion said:

So, it's another minigame? You have to play actual Tetris?

yes, while your opponent can hit the blocks 1 space towards the direction they face, be warned though, this thing is glitched, it's AI is derp...but it's still kinda fun. If you face off with characters keep in mind this minigame's sprpriority is pretty low...so assists, full-screen hypers, and projectiles will obscure your vision, also stages with foreground objects with no transparent properties. 


Tetris also starts getting very fast after you make the first 3 lines...making it harder to actually beat someone with this mini-game...if i could I'd leave it at it's level 0 speed, since your opponent is trying to mess you up on purpose, i feel it doesn't need the added difficulty...

also a few glitches to note.

-Stacking more than 10 blocks may cause other blocks to become invisible...

-The AI can get this invisible block glitch and it will never end...

-add more attack to this thing...100 won't do shit to opponents who can restore health, it onlys deals 100 damage per line made (so 2 lines 200...3 lines 300 etc etc...).

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