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Lately I've had more free time so I've been taking commissions for Backgrounds, FX & single sprites.
I won't take character animations because it feels like I'd burn out pretty quickly for chars that aren't mine.
Also, I don't truly follow character styles, other than a sort of own custom style, so if you want a character sprite, refer to the first page to find more or less the style you will be getting.


Price depends of complexity and level of detail you want, estimated range goes from $50 USD to $500 USD for BGS. Need to talk with me before I can set a price.

Have in mind that I'm talking about designing, detailing and animating the whole thing from scratch, NOT using any sort of ripped assets from any game or third party content. In other words, you can sell it if it is not meant for mugen nor from existing franchises. If someone wants a lower price then I can use ripped assets/bases, that probably would reduce price to half or even less, but maybe they shouldn't sell it.


The delivering time would be from 2 to 8 weeks, depending of the complexity.

-If it's $75-$250 USD, then first half to start and second half once it's finished. 2-4 weeks to deliver.
-If it's more than $250 USD, then payments would be of $100 USD per update. 4-8 weeks to deliver (if there aren't delays with payments)

-Less than $50 USD the whole payment is upfront. 2-4 weeks to deliver.


-You will get updates so you can tell me if you want to change something in time.

-If I can't start during the first 2 weeks after you give me the first payment or can't give you an advance of the job for whatever reason then you get a refund.

-This only includes the art, not code, but if someone wants I can extend the commission and code it as well.

-I won't publish the work unless you tell me if it's ok to do so.


That said, I was told that it was ok if I showed this:


Boss BG commission for "The Union" game.




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Forgot to post this.

A title screen design, it isn't programmed or anything (I could do it already tho).

Just wanted to throw some music with it. (In case I commission for a certain music style :P)
-Colors used are from the palette of one of my main characters.
-Ink, pen & font identifies her as a writer/novelist.
-Vines and roses reference the shape that her power usually manifests as.


The idea is basically to have 3 logos, each one styled for each one of my main characters.



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