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Street Fighter III Series


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I got a big update!!

-After delaying so many time, now there're proper sections for DC and Marvel characters, taken from their respective collections (almost all edited from Alex and Urien/Gill)

-Added some few more OC and other adapted chars to that section, and moved 608's Belial to this section too (should I move Tokage's Adam there as well?)

-Added some edited versions from Chuchoryu now that MMV has his download section online again (but has the half of their links down because Sendspace XD)

-Added some of the links you gave me past year and this one, now I got up to date, thanks guys!!



-Added chars by IAteMySink

-Added Evil Ryu to SF-related edits section

-Added Twelve (open source) by Mistah Jorge

-Separed the Recreated chars from the Original ones since more were added (like Tarzan, Glacius and Diabolik)

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10 hours ago, Cavery210 said:

Yeah, can be accessed on the Archive, but all links are from MediaFire, and all are down sadly. At least I could rescue Chun-li's patch, which was a direct link. Thanks anyway 🙂


5 hours ago, Kazagami, Armpit Lord said:

All SF characters by Felicity, now hosted on my MEGA. Thanks in no small part to @Disins for finding them :P.

Wonderful 😄 thank you both, that link will be included in the collection

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Thanks Emaserranista, all of them were added 😉


Also, GM's site has all his Dropbox links working, but it had to be deleted the Web Archive part, so I made the direct links instead with their both versions (Win and 1.0), now you can download his chars directly 😊

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Added these characters to the Edited sections:

-Tokage's Adam was moved to Original Edits

-Marvel edits: Exodus, Fallen One, Living Tribunal and White Tiger

-DC edits: The Ray... and changed General Zod's image


On 10/8/2021 at 11:17 PM, Cavery210 said:

All added, except The_None's Alex, which was already in the collection, thanks 😄 

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-Ryou's Felicity MEGA was down, so all his chars are offline (again), marked them as red

-Added GM's Birdie and his HD edit, found recently

-Lady Poison moved from Poison section to SF:SO where she belongs (and still a WIP)
-Changed some images on DC edits

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