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Street Fighter III Series


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OK, added some few creators I missed as well some online links for offline chars, I hope during today or this weekend start with Special Edited Versions, included the other game sprites (CvS, SFA) as well edited chars


PS: Admins, don't delete the original thread yet, there're some things I've to add to here, I'll tell you when to delete it, thanks :P

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Phew, what a lot of info now :lifeofstudy: OK, added Other MUGEN Stuff (stages, screenpacks, etc) and Resources (Sprites & Sounds), now it looks more complete :meme1: the next are Special Edits Versions... yes I promise that will be the next, I swear XD

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Well, my collections has been abandoned since years, but now I can put up-to-date this as I did with KOF Strikers and Samurai Shodown. Looking for the links down and trying to add more chars to the list. Also seeing the Edited section, just give me some time to get you all ready ;)


On 9/20/2019 at 3:46 PM, TheWhiteDevil27 said:

Geocites Japan has been dead for months now and you guys still haven't replaced the links to it on this collection?!

Can you be A LITTLE MORE SPECIFIC about this?? There're so much links to see them all (I only catched Umihei's website, maybe you can point the other sites)

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OK, update:

  • All the stuff by Umihei and Yamori X are declared offline (links for their chars are welcome)
  • Finally added the Edited section, starting with Poison and SVC Sean
  • Added the links by Nodog and kater15, thanks guys
  • Found some new stuff and added to the list (sadly, most of the stuff I found are offline)

Things to do:

  • Add the other SF3 edited chars (mostly the SF3 style edits and new/adapted chars that use SF3 chars as base) DONE!!
  • Search help for Mugen Multiverse, since most of the links (Sendspace/4shared) are offline and don't know the name of the creators there
  • And about the above, found this One Drive MM backup, but again, I'll need help to see which are the chars from above and the authors
  • Look up for more offline links or replace links for them, here I'll need all your help (but try to be specific, please)
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Big update:

Finally made the Edited Section with chars edited from SFIII and the adaptations of Sean Matsura and SF:SO chars in this style had their own subsections. Too bad many of the edits are unavaliable today (like all the SFIII Gouken chars), but well... any new link for them is welcome, as well I'll see if I got some of those chars and upload them by myself (as I did with SS Collection)


Oh, and added some few to the main list, like the others LaQuak's Master chars (I just added one) and a few more I don't remember right now, sorry XD

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Got it, revised the links and replaced with working links from Wayback Machine. Also made the same with Rajaa's chars (and deleted Q since he retired so doesn't matter). Thanks for noticing it ;)

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  • Added chars by Duracelleur (non-ToSix/KOFA)
  • Added chars by Ghost Killer aka Sir Ghostler
  • Added chars by Mr. Ansatsuken
  • Added various new edited chars and some creators (even when don't get links)


  • Added ESFAndy011 chars based on Mortal Kombat vs. Street Fighter
  • Added MGMURROW chars (not sure if add his WIPs, is he active now??)
  • Found some offline chars :P
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New update:

  • Added SFIV Seth and Pepsiman to the Special Edited section
  • Added Hugo by Gui007
  • As seen in my recent NGP collection, replaced color blue for a lighter shade, soon this will be seen in my other collections ;)
  • EDIT: Added Sean's NGPC edit


  • Added chars by RagingRowen
  • Added CvS Dudley by Mark85 (edited from Mr.Ansatsuken's)
  • Added SUV Bonus by Gui0007 &. co.
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Thanks for you quick edits. 

Remy link by one winged angel brings to a virus attack 👹

Twelve by Rei's link is no longer active as well nor does it appear to be available through the Kung Fu Man link

Shin Akuma by Kung Fu Man provided through the link is incomplete, it lacks sound and most of his specials. 

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