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Sega Saturn's SuperTempo Green Forest for 1.1 & 1.0


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1 hour ago, TMC55 said:

Another awesome sega stage out, you're on a role og keep it up, I wouldn't mind seeing some guardian heroes stages by you.

thank you TMC55 but I want to aim something different like the Three Dirty Dwarf and Shinobi X. but once I figure more about the emulator I sure will do my best to make a guardian heroes stages there few more things I want to experiment with XD

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53 minutes ago, RoySquadRocks said:

Gotta love this SEGA stage! Also, have you tried to rip stages based on BUG?

Bug hmm I heard of the game called bug and bug too, but I don't know how to make the sprite into 3d on mugen 1.1, because I am not very well experienced with the code for scale delta or zoom delta factor. but I can rip the images if someone know to understand the code factor for the scale delta code and the zoom delta code XD

4 hours ago, NEON 7 said:

SSF must be working like a charm for you if this is how it came out to be. Nice job.

there not hole lots of things  I have not yet figure out, or got the hang of things yet but I am learning as I go. there more to learn than just ripping them . but its all thanks to you that for sure XD

6 hours ago, TMC55 said:

Oh sweet I just seen gameplay of three dirty dwarf I would love to see some stages converted from that game. Can't wait for it.

Dont you worry buddy once I learn more about SSF I will start working on GH stages, there so mush this old man need to figure out XD

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