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Megaman X Series


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I think Ilu’s Maoh would belong in the “resized 2X” characters section, as it’s meant to scale with MVC characters and not normal Megaman characters. Conversely, I think the sigma in the “normal sized” character suggestion belongs in the PSX edits section, as he’s meant to be in scale with them and has the same Sprite style. Thanks for the new links being added to the collection after such a long time. 

There’s also this edited Pikachu in a ride armor


Here’s an edit of GM’s Double with an English voice


Knot Beret by Megaman X4


Zain from X-Treme


Nightmare Mother


Split Mushroom by MugenDemo


Mattrex by ArcadeDemo


An edit of Calamix’s X2 Sigma


 Nightmare Mother and Zain (by ZETA) are both AI only.

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