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Injustice 2

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The HYPE is real man! I almost scream when I saw Supergirl in the trailer! Damn yea we got her this time!


Also, few note has already been leak:-

1. You can Customize the character with the all new Gear System. The "Cyber Armor" in the trailer is the showcase of it.

2. Character that has been confirm so far that is not in the trailer - Atrocitus and Gorilla Grodd.


Here the news : http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20160608005497/en/Warner-Bros.-Interactive-Entertainment-Announces-Injustice-2

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Lol at Superman needing an armor suit...... 


Also heard Atrocitus is in this game which is awesome.  I hope they add Larfleeze as well and if Raven is in the game again she does not look like an old hag ._.

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The gameplay trailer is fantastic. From what I could observe the changes of armor for different styles for the characters. If the game following the old formula, do not see how fara not a great success. Characters like Aquaman that was a hardcore combos, now I do not even want to imagine. Waiting anxiously for more information ...

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I watched the Robin Trailer and the new Trailer for Injustice 2 yesterday. When I saw Brainiac, I was like "Oh shit. He'll be the Mastermind behind all of this." They'll probably touch up the Blood Effects on Robin though.


Injustice 2 is going to be Very Interesting.

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I'm really disappointed with the character designs. They look awful. Aquaman looks like your typical flabby cowardly COD nerd. Black Canary looks like some CW actress who was in the salon too long, Ivy looks like somebody's smart-assed mom, Catwoman looks like a deviantart cosplayer from Ohio. I mean, cmon now. The only decent ones in the lot is Supergirl, Beetle, and Batman. They could have just made a copy of Steve Reeves (NOT Christopher Reeves, but STEVE Reeves) for Superman, not that turd-kaplunk.


They should have just named this: Low Budget CW Housewife Fodder: Part 2.

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Doctor Fate has been confirmed!!! Here's a sneak peak at his gameplay :D



The roster so far:


Returning characters:












The Flash


Green Lantern


Harley Quinn




Wonder Woman


New Characters




Black Canary


Blue Beetle






Darkseid (Pre-order bonus)




Doctor Fate


Gorilla Grodd 


Poison Ivy




Scarecrow (Mobile Exclusive)




Swamp Thing 



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