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Dragon Ball Z: Super Butouden 2

Big Green

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I didn't like my old collection, so...


Fighter Select


uJgkx8Z.png   3P4RByW.png   0JiQJ5R.png   iFhKYta.png


Gohan: BIRDKakarotoKomodo, Lucifer, Tanicfan22, ???

Vegeta: ARMOR CAGE, BIRD, Detah - 1000 Health / 3000 Health / MugenMundo's edit, FastFlashKhMaIBQ, Komodo, KakarotoMattasaur, MenwaizOCariocanildo, Simon

Piccolo: Loki, Piccolo D, Piccolo Daimaou, Ryon, The Necromancer - OriginalKakaroto's edit

Trunks: X-treme Jedi


n6XUOIm.png   xsG4PoI.png   ambt947.png   J9uoAHN.png


Cell: BacteriaKomodo, Loona, Mugenguy, RinchoThe Necromancer,  _Vision

Cell Jr: Goten88Orestes, Pextin, The Virus + Fran 09, _Vision, Yamcha Z

Bojack: Chrono Strife, GohanSSM2, MaJiTa, SodonHID

Zangya: Chrono Strife, Kuzu-Bei, Noturno, SSJ3 Bejita


yi4Gwlu.png   2qCnA3l.png   vyyUbhv.png


Goku: BIRD, FastFlashKomodo, Ryon, Sammy, The Necromancer

Broly: Kakaroto, Kuzu-Bei, Ryon, The Necromancer

Mr Satan: [email protected], Kaiof95, SSJ4_Vegeta19


Resource Select


Sprite Rips - Spriters Resource / Sprite Database

GohanSSM2's Music Rips

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